To The Winter Burrow Poem by Catrina Heart

To The Winter Burrow

Rating: 3.4

Some fragments of her heart
That was shattered long ago
Swam to the winter burrow
With broken angelic wings

Some sailed a forlorn vessel
Of desires, of wants and needs
A complex obsession that lies
Thumping on adobe of fantasy

Some swirled mutely on brooks
Of veracity’s enchanting tale
Bitter sweet on daylight’s arm
Yet warm on silver moon’s charm

Eyan Desir 29 November 2009

I loved your wording awesome...... Keep them coming I wonder when this lady will write a book my goodnesss..... You got amazing talent keep shining bright as the sun Miss Heart...

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Sandra Fowler 29 November 2009

You draw the reader into your enchanted world. Beautiful imagery.... Warm wishes, Sandra

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Ian Bowen 29 November 2009

Catrina, excellent piece of poetry.10/10 Regards, Ian

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Ency Bearis 29 November 2009

fantastic poem! magical write.......10

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Daniel Kempson 29 November 2009

Remarkable write, held throughout 10 Daniel

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C. P. Sharma 14 March 2016

Choice of diction, imagery and the feelings behind, all are superb. A heart touching poem.

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Souren Mondal 06 March 2016

Wonderfully written poem.. The imagery and the words are beautiful.. Thanks.

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Winnie Angel 05 December 2009

Thoughts done in ways that subtly presents the dreams the cares and anxieties that every heart carries within.....Winnie

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george george 03 December 2009

Expressive outpouring of feeling! I especially liked this: 'Some swirled mutely on brooks Of veracity’s enchanting tale' Pretty wording. Enjoyable read!

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 02 December 2009

very nice literary piece. Ma'am Catrina, you write very good!

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