Addiction (Yet To Be Rebroken) Poem by Jessica Robert

Addiction (Yet To Be Rebroken)

Rating: 3.0

What`s more powerful than a child`s disappointment?
It shatters the heart that you have failed them
And that everything they were ever proud of you for
Has died and left them feeling lost
If you can't do something
What's the chances of them breaking an obsession?
Could they do it?
Or would they follow your footsteps and fail as well?
By a child, I meant me
I was so proud of you
When I thought you broke the addiction
And crushed it under your strength
You almost seemed mighty
And an inspiration to any future troubles I may face
But as you broke down
And let desire take control of you
You lost that
You lost any inspiration
The water washed away the footsteps
I was setting myself to follow
And now, you are left to face my sorrow and disappointment in you
How can you tell me
You are so hurt that you've let me down
When you continue to pain me everytime I see it happening
Time and time again?
You say you care about me
But you're killing me slowly, from the inside out
How can you say you want to watch me grow
When you are throwing away life like it doesn't matter?
I was just so proud of you
And now I can honestly say, I am thwarted
If that doesn't push you to beat down the addiction again
Then I don't know what will
But, I still believe in you
And I just know you can do it
If you just tried that much harder, and pushed yourself that much more
I want to be proud again
I want you to be around for more years to come
And I know,
This addiction can be rebroken

Kale Beaudry 01 July 2009

Very elusively spoken, but your theme of addiction resonates clearly throughout... it is truly a moving, heartfelt piece and I can feel that. I can feel the suffocation of destruction - the isolation. I can relate to it on a certain level and understand your pain... I think I'll favourite this. Thank you, Jessica Robert.

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Mona Martinez 01 July 2009

wow. very heartful. an addiction is normally strong, you forget about what's really important and hurt the people you love through the mistakes that are made. but, normally the love of somebody being there is stronger to keep fighting the fight to get better.

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Saadat Tahir 03 July 2009

hi jess your exaspiration and anguish goes blink ers like a beacon its so sad...its like looking at a dear one slip into a quicksand while you stand by...unable, , , helpless...only a faint hope to give you solace very touching and paiful lines... iv experienced it up close...and can well identify with your feeelings of holoowness... great [poetry cheers

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Angelic Warrior 03 July 2009

jeez Jay, Jay......i'm so sorry....: (......such a passionate....sad poem......beautiful and yet such a tear jerker.... 10++

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Stephen Magill 03 July 2009

The water washed away the footsteps wow, amazing line, i have been there and back and what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger and makes for great poetry. steve

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Anonymos 30 March 2022

Could you tell us a little about yourself? What past experiances shaped who you are today?

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Cat Tiger 02 August 2009

'It shatters the heart that you have failed them And that everything they were ever proud of you for Has died and left them feeling lost' Shatters whose heart? And that....what? This is poor English for which there is no justifying reason. The thought can and should be expressed more succintly and without changing from a singular to a plural subject. In fact, you could leave out lines 2 through 9 and the poem would improve. When you are speaking directly, the poem flows quite well.

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Bob Blackwell 02 August 2009

I to can feel your pain, I have felt it from sides, so I understand. In this world of ours given time everything changes. I was once lost but I found myself and changed.

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Lady.. take a breathe and live............ for live.......... live. hey. this is good stuff.

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Ben Gieske 28 July 2009

I can feel the pain and suffering while reading this. At least you leave some room for hope of a better future.

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