Teddy Bear Freak Poem by Ernestine Northover

Teddy Bear Freak

Rating: 4.7

I admit, I'm a teddy bear freak,
Some solace I'm trying to seek,
It's become an obsession,
So having done my confession,
I must still have a big childish streak.

There's something about them for sure,
That make's one collect even more,
Each one's so appealing,
Their characters revealing,
You really can't help but adore.

They come in a variety of sizes,
All dressed in their seperate guises,
From faces endearing,
To faces so cheering,
No wonder they win all the prizes.

There are some stuffed with kapok or straw,
With pellets to give them a core,
So they don't keep falling,
Which would be appalling,
If they were always toppling onto the floor.

One hundred years old is the teddy,
Named after a President called Eddy,
Roosevelt was the chap,
Who put ted's on the map,
Ever since then their fame has stayed steady.

They are now loved by all generations,
And collected by so many nations,
That all teddies you'll see
Will decidedly be
Forever receiving ovations.

My teddies I'll always have around,
To them I am permanently bound,
It's silly I know,
But, not one will go,
For a home with me will always be found.

I admit I'm a teddy bear gran,
An elderly teddy bear fan,
That's how it will stay,
I'm happy to say,
For I'll love them as long as I can.

Francesca Johnson 11 October 2006

How did I miss this one? And how can one NOT love teddy bears....they have some kind of magical power over us adults, never mind children.... Love, Fran xxx

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Duncan Wyllie 22 April 2006

A giant rosette for this fine teddy and her wonderful words, love Duncan

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Mary Nagy 03 September 2005

You remind me of the librarian woman that use to work at my children's school...she retired but I would clean her house for her. She had hundreds of teddy bears and felt the same way. What a great thing to love! Sincerely, Mary

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Courtney Kane 01 September 2005

cute poem. i liked it, thanks.

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