Leaflets From My Life - Gowri - My Lovely Puppy Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Leaflets From My Life - Gowri - My Lovely Puppy

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Gowri was the name given to her,
Gorgeous white Pomeranian,
Black eyes bright like
Black berries ripe,
A loveable pet,
A welcome addition to my family!

So cute! Like a snow ball!
So adorable that
I could not take my eyes off her!
I was besotted by the little puppy,
No work except to play with her
Nothing else mattered or bothered me!

I was in my eighth class then,
In school still, but not a wee bit
Serious about my studies, all the while
Spending my time with my Gowri,
Playing, running, jumping,
Prancing, chasing and laughing!

Gowri was a gift
Given to me by a kind uncle
A gift to study well,
And for passing examinations!
Overjoyed, I was by this wonderful gift
Overwhelmed, by the tiny, lively puppy!

So attached to my little puppy,
So obsessed with her mannerisms,
Held her day and night,
Held her tightly in my arms,
Not a moment away,
Not a moment alone!

At first my parents did not notice my
Attachment to the little puppy;
Soon, they took note of my obsession,

Sensing that I was losing all interest in my studies;
Mathematics was a subject that I scored hundred
Mathematics score changed to a pile of zeros!

My school friends teased me of
My madness, made fun,
Many sang together in chorus,
Mary had a little lamb….'
As i ran hither and thither with Gowri,
Assisting me everywhere like a guardian angel!

Time cannot stand still
Time has to move on!
O how I wished that time stood still,
O but alas! Time waits for no man!
After school, I left my parents abode
And moved to my grandparent's house!

I missed Gowri and the hours of fun,
I guess, Gowri too, must have missed my funny pranks,
Days and months passed,
Duties to learn became my priority,
My mother and my siblings took my place
Majestically looking after Gowri like a little princess!

A companion so faithful,
A companion so steadfast,
Gowri became an integral part of the family,
Guarded and lived with us for eleven years,
But one fateful day, a
Big dog pounced on her and gave her a nasty bite!

In spite of treatment, medicines,
Injections and bandages,
Gowri bravely fought to recover, but,
Gradually, the little pool of eyes
Drooped like a fading flower, and the
Delicate body gave up her zest for life!

I still remember, on a sad morning,
I woke to my mother's alarming cry,
I got up and ran to see the terrible sight of
Gowri lying quiet, still, and dead
Gone was her shrilly bark, her sprightly jump,
Gone was the ray of jubilance from the house!

We decided to give Gowri a respectful funeral.
My father carried her in his arms,
While I walked alongside with a bunch of flowers,
She was buried in the burial ground for children.
As I bent down to place the flowers on her grave,
I bid her a final goodbye while tears rolled down my eyes!

Leaflets From My Life - Gowri - My Lovely Puppy
Kelly Kurt 05 May 2018

My first 'pet' was a parakeet. (Tweety) The attachment to a fellow life form (and subsequent loss) is a lesson learned early by many. Do you have a pet now? Will you outlive it? Outlive me, dear lady! : -)

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Hi Kelly, Happy to see that you are reading the little stories of my life. No dear, i do not have a pet now. After Gowri, i never adopted a pet. No idea, who will outlive whom! Its not in our hands, my dear friend. :)

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Loke Kok Yee 13 May 2017

A bond that runs so very deep and her parting did make you weep take it that she is just asleep And keep the love that you had reap thanks Geeta-10

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You have written a beautiful poem with rhyme and rhythm. So good of you. Thanks a lot.

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Rajnish Manga 03 July 2017

Not many people will ever have the kind of sensitivity that you had for your pet puppy- Gawri. This is an amazing ode to lovely puppy with whom you had shared some of the most enjoyable moments in life. We can imagine that her death was a great loss to you and your family. Very emotional. Thanks. (It reminds me of a poem by Valsa George on the same subject) My school friends teased me.... made fun, Many sang together.... Mary had a little lamp….' As i ran hither and thither with Gowri,

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Chinedu Dike 07 January 2022

Heartwarming as well as poignant is this captivating story of yours, Madam. Very powerfully and movingly penned with artistic brilliance. I'll always be one of your staunchest fans. Remain blessed.

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Rebecca Navarre 06 November 2021

Oh, how deeply heart moving such special times! .. And how heartbreaking! .. Cherish the memories and pray you may meet again together in heaven! .. Beautifully expressed! .. Definite 5 Stars! ...+++++

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 August 2021

But my submissions were since 2011 August, but I never took the chance to give comments or responded poems, too many customs and rules then on PH for me, but I was on another poem site too Poetfreak.Com. Since 2016 it exists no more

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 August 2021

This poem you posted in 2017 and that year I did not write comments, in 2018 I started to become accustomed to all the PH rules and laws

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 August 2021

Thank you so much for sharing this gem, this Masterpiece of a poem, touched me so very much. Thank you so much for your sweetest declaration for Gowri

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