Old Schooldays

Awake, of Muse, the echoes of a day
Long past, the ghosts of mem'ries manifold --
Youth's memories that once were green and gold
But now, alas, are grim and ashen grey.
The drowsy schoolboy wakened up from sleep,
First stays his system with substantial food,
Then off for school with tasks half understood,
Alas, alas, that cribs should be so cheap!

The journey down to town -- 'twere long to tell

(stuff And Nonsense) You Are Old, Mrs Windle (With Apologies To Lewis Carroll)

You are old, Mrs. Windle, the schoolchildren cried,
and you really are not very cool.
Yet you write and you paint and you teach on the side -
do you think that you should be in school?

In my youth, said the pedagogue, I was so hip,
picked flowers and did meditation.
Never took LSD – I preferred cups of tea
for my moments of spiritual elation.


Vaasu was my classmate in the primary school. He did not go beyond the primary classes and when I reached the secondary school, he was not with me. But, it is not about our schooldays that I am speaking about.

Recently I was out of town for a couple of days. When I returned, I found that all the precious mangoes on one of the trees in our orchard had gone. I had reserved them for my granddaughter Tasha.

Such thefts are rare in our village. So, I set out to ascertain who had done it.

Albert Einstein 5 - Albert's Schooldays

Albert was the only Jewish child in his class,
When he began his schooling in 1885,
In a Catholic school in Munich.
He was just six years old.
In 1888, he joined Gymnasium or German Secondary school.
Unlike, the earlier school,
He met few other Jewish children here.
However, he did not form any close friendship,
Either with his classmates or the teachers.
He was a loner and preferred his own company.

0009 On Being Caned, Frequently

Ooh! Ow! ...I'm a victim! ...I've got a psychic scar! ...

not in my schooldays,
I have to say;
how quickly the world changes!

Life was straightforward at my schools –
you disobeyed the rules, you got beaten, caned –
simple as that.

Reminiscences 09

Two Springs

I have already written in detail about the two monsoons that irrigate our crops. Now I am going to write about the two springs in Kerala, that make our lives literally fragrant.

In Kerala's lunar calendar, Chingam is the first month. The first day of Chingam is the New Year day. Normally this day comes on the 15 August or the very next day or so. Kerala's greatest festival Thiruvonam (or simply ‘Onam') comes in this month. We will dedicate one long chapter to Onam separately.

Reminiscences And Regrets

The smell of crushed mango leaves
Takes me back to more than forty years ago,
To early schooldays,
When little boys in khaki shorts stand
Eating tangy, raw mango slices,
Cut long and cross-wise,
Dipped in salt and chili powder –
Lip-smacking –
Purchased from the push-cart vendor
Outside the huge iron school gate.

I'M Reading Psalm 31...

what is it? Is there such a thing?

Is it, would it be, a good thing to have?
do I want it? or do I have it,
so deep, it’s more trouble than illumination…?

All that sadness, all that sense of failure,
all that sense of impending doom,
all that guilt in respect of

My Schooldays-Sheth C.J.High School

My schooldays-Sheth C.J.High School
Wednesday,28th July 2021

Not at all forgotten
it is remembered even today
not the study environment alone
but the spirit and brotherhood shown

daily prayers before the start of the classes
it was as good as mass prayer

Weekdays Schooldays Wake Late: From Bed Late Leap

waking to the tragedy of school boy weekdays
waking slow reluctant to face school days dragging;
stumbling through the week until happy turn time
Friday night spirits soaring from school to home

happy singing a Friday night freedom song;
the moral is weekdays schooldays wake morning late,
fast fly out of bed to an extra energy burst of extra

My Schooldays

I have fond memories of my school days.I can recall the names of a few friends from my primary school days.One of them was Sumana.She knew dancing and it was a rare privilege for a child of our age. Once Sumana danced in a function organized by Durga Puja Committee near our house.I was a bit jealous and wished I could dance like her.But dance teachers were not easily available those days.Later on I participated in many school dramas and realized my dream.

One of the funny event I recall to this day is this:



I was back in my native village
After, it seemed, many an age.
Out on a walk through the streets
So familiar, but strange like Neptune.

Suddenly, there appeared before me
Who other than Ebrahim, a friend of my schooldays!
I recalled how he had stayed back in every class

The Wandering Albatross

The wandering albatross fly far away
From island where he first saw light of day
More than two thousand miles closer to three
He follow ships across the southern sea.

From schooldays i remember Coleridge's Rime
Those verses which have stood the test of time
His 'Ancient Mariner' burdened with the cross
For killing of the noble albatross.

Mahatma Gandhi 7 - Mohandas Gandhi's Schooldays

How did Mohandas Gandhi,
A boy terrified of darkness,
Remove the darkness of
A whole nation!
A land enveloped in thick fog,
Chained to a forced bondage,
Finally, released, freed!
The people lighted million lamps
To experience the euphoria of
An independent India!

Plutonic Ponderings - Present And Past

Most haven't a clue
what to do
here on Earth
to fix our gargantuan plights…

Still Dwarf Planet Pluto in Kuiper Belt ring,
in that most amazing of flights,

has been closely surveyed, contemplated,
perceived, scrutinized, photographed,

0060 Melanin

Melanin is a polymer, most often of
two molecules with very long names,
indolequinone, and dihydroxyindole carboxylic acid,
which are in all of us, affecting
skin and hair color and even
present in the eye and its color
and the brain too; the word
comes from the Greek for ‘black’

It is believed that all of us whose ancestors


The playground is humming with the bustling banter
of children, and the atmosphere of
innocence, freedom and youthfulness overwhelms me.
The sun smiles down on them all,
warming the scene and, indeed, my heart.
The boys engage in a tumultuous game of football,
using a lone, dishevelled dustbin and their schoolbags
as goalposts, whilst the giggling girls lurk aimlessly
in their groups, whispering excitedly about who they fancy.
The beaming light highlights the lush greenness of the grass

Tragedy School Boy Weekdays: Woke Late Running Fast

waking to the tragedy
of school boy weekdays
waking slow reluctant
to face school days dragging;

stumbling through school week
slow low woe until happy turn time
Friday night from school to home
happy singing a Friday night freedom song;

A Hope That You Too Will Understand Me

Days were passing merrily in my schooldays,
But who have heard of what the fortune says…
If I have heard it before, I would take each breath,
Just to live and for nothing else since then till death…
I can’t explain in words that then how happy was I,
When I got a teacher whose heart is as vast as sky.
But I should have remembered that in a sky,
Night comes when sun sets and day does die…
With that heart where now came the darkest night,
What do I really feel is now no longer in her sight…

A School Teacher Helps

A childhood friend became foe
In unknown events he makes the excuse
The old good schooldays he forgets
The old charm shown lost for ever
Time makes friends as foes
Time cures the mental agonies
The period of happiness we remember
When the mind goes with sadness
When we attempts for survival
There we meets the real friends