Albert Einstein 5 - Albert's Schooldays Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Albert Einstein 5 - Albert's Schooldays

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Albert was the only Jewish child in his class,
When he began his schooling in 1885,
In a Catholic school in Munich.
He was just six years old.
In 1888, he joined Gymnasium or German Secondary school.
Unlike, the earlier school,
He met few other Jewish children here.
However, he did not form any close friendship,
Either with his classmates or the teachers.
He was a loner and preferred his own company.

Albert developed a distaste
For the German school system,
Wherein children were subjected
To strict rules of conduct and behaviour,
To rigid and controlled curriculum,
Humiliation and punishment of students,
Who did not measure up to the mark,
Or standard imposed by the school authorities.

Years later, recalling his school days, Einstein wrote:
'Humiliation and mental oppression,
By ignorant and selfish teachers
Wreak havoc in the youthful mind,
That can never be undone,
And often, exert a baleful influence in later life.'

A Biographical Poem

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: life,story,true,personality,fame,science
I have always been fascinated by autobiographies and biographies of some great people, who have contributed a great deal to the society and humanity as a whole. Last one year, I have been reading on the life of Albert Einstein. Here are few poems on this great ‘Spiritual Scientist' - A fascinating life story of a great genius! Albert Einstein is famous for his sparkling quotes as well. There are books on his quotes too. I am concluding each poem with a famous quote of this great man. References: 1. " Albert Einstein - A biography" by Alice Calaprice & Trevor Lipscombe 2019, 2. " The New Quotable Einstein" , Princeton, N.J, Princeton University Press,2005.
Kostas Lagos 28 April 2021

Well written poem that gives us informations for this remarkable person

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Shruti Verman 03 May 2021

so true

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Shruthi 11 May 2021

Indeed very informative

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Renuka Dhabadgaonkar 12 November 2021

The poem is simply wonderful. It gives us an important insight into the early childhood of Albert Einstein. Guru plays such a vital role in every child's life. I'm eternally grateful to have you as my Guru👏🙏❤️

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Indulekha Menon 16 June 2021

Doo informative about Albert Einstein's personal life from school days.Thanks for this great information..

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Ankush P 08 June 2021

Sometimes in life we do have to walk our paths alone... Very well written

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Vrinda 15 May 2021

ALBERTS School days very informative.

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Chinedu Dike 12 May 2021

Thank you, madam for creating time to pen such wonderful tributes to the great icon of science.

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