Mahatma Gandhi 7 - Mohandas Gandhi's Schooldays Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Mahatma Gandhi 7 - Mohandas Gandhi's Schooldays

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How did Mohandas Gandhi,
A boy terrified of darkness,
Remove the darkness of
A whole nation!
A land enveloped in thick fog,
Chained to a forced bondage,
Finally, released, freed!
The people lighted million lamps
To experience the euphoria of
An independent India!

Life never starts as a full circle,
Or as a spotless picture;
Life begins with imperfections
Groping with ignorance,
Inadequate and incomplete!
If a diamond could emerge,
From a piece of charcoal,
By cutting and polishing,
Into a sparkling jewel,
Then man too can change!

As a kid one indulges in all kinds of games,
Some of least consequences,
Some of serious nature,
Some just for fun!
Yet, as time passes,
One tends to forget these incidents,
Dispels them as childhood pranks!
But Gandhiji who vowed to adhere to truth
Laid bare before the world
His experiments with truth!

Gandhiji's experiments with the truth
Began at an early age;
He was devoted to his parents,
Loved and
Respected them,
Never wanted to hurt them,
Even in the slightest way.
Precautions were taken
To do things in a right
And proper way!

Even as a boy,
He constantly kept a vigil on himself
His thoughts,
His likes and dislikes,
His ambitions,
His actions,
Carefully analysing all his actions.
He firmly believed,
There was no cleansing of the self
Without a clean confession!

Saturday, October 17, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: personality
As children and also as adults, we make so many mistakes in life. But to be able to see mistakes as truly mistakes - is a brave and honest act. Gandhiji through his experiments with the truth has so honestly revealed the mistakes of his school days.
This teaches us that to be able to admit a mistake by itself is a great act. To be able to correct it, rectify it and to proceed on with life, never to repeat the mistake again, is the greatest act of nobility and truth.
Bri Edwards 10 July 2019

2 - " a diamond could emerge, From a piece of charcoal, By cutting and polishing, Into a sparkling jewel, " from what i've heard: between being " charcoal" and a sparkling diamond, the organic matter is subjected to immense heat and pressure underground. i'm sure Gandhi's 'heat' and 'pressure' helped turn him into a sparkling national/international hero. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 10 July 2019

1 - i made a mistake one day when i was ten years old. i forgot to eat ice cream. i have never repeated this incident! !

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Akhtar Jawad 08 September 2016

It's always interesting to know about the school days of great leaders. A nice work by the poetess.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 08 September 2016

Akhtar Sahab, so very good and kind of you to read this poem on Gandhiji's schooldays. Thanks a million!

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