A Hope That You Too Will Understand Me Poem by Tawfeeq Hasan Khan

A Hope That You Too Will Understand Me

Days were passing merrily in my schooldays,
But who have heard of what the fortune says…
If I have heard it before, I would take each breath,
Just to live and for nothing else since then till death…
I can’t explain in words that then how happy was I,
When I got a teacher whose heart is as vast as sky.
But I should have remembered that in a sky,
Night comes when sun sets and day does die…
With that heart where now came the darkest night,
What do I really feel is now no longer in her sight…
But in place of sun, a moon of hope gave me a tint of scintillating light,
Accompanied by thousand stars of hope sparkling in this darkest night…
The day to come is eagerly awaited by my thirsty little eyes,
As I am waiting for never-ending day to come and sun to rise…

I wrote this sonnet to express my grief of sorrow that my english teacher Sonia mam didn't ever understood me...
Gajanan Mishra 05 April 2014

Thirsty little eyes, wonderful write, go on writing. you are welcome. Please read my poems..

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Kirti Sharma 28 June 2014

nicely written! i like the rhyme.

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Hazel Durham 05 May 2014

You write with a great natural talent that flows so beautifully, with words that have such an impact, it's like a light that shines from your poems! !

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 30 April 2014

Great rhyming poem written in a fine talented style. Pls coment my latest poem too.

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Susan Lacovara 26 April 2014

You have a depth of playfulness beyond your years, and it reflects beautifully on your write. The way you select to express your emotions through poetry is sincere and true. PEACE

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Captain Herbert Poetry 24 April 2014

A very honest and pure poem WELL DONE Please visit my poems

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