My Schooldays Poem by Bharati Nayak

My Schooldays

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I have fond memories of my school days.I can recall the names of a few friends from my primary school days.One of them was Sumana.She knew dancing and it was a rare privilege for a child of our age. Once Sumana danced in a function organized by Durga Puja Committee near our house.I was a bit jealous and wished I could dance like her.But dance teachers were not easily available those days.Later on I participated in many school dramas and realized my dream.

One of the funny event I recall to this day is this:
I was reading in Class-1.A Magic Show was arranged in our School.Our class teacher asked each student to bring 25 paise for the Show to be paid to the Magician.In those days, for a child of my age, getting 5 or 10 paise for our pocket expenses was a big thing.

I had a twin sister.We both were reading in the same class and same section.We used to walk by road to the school with a few other friends from our area.

On the road side there were small shops selling different things.There was a beetle shop selling beetles as well as lozenges(sugar candy chocolates without any wrapper) , lollipops and balloons.

On the day we were having the Magic Show, we as usual went along that road with each one having 25 paise in pocket for the show. While near the beetle-shop, the lozenges in the glass jar looked too tempting.On the one side there is the Magic Show and on the other, the lozenges big and small.I could buy 5 big lozenges or 25 small ones in exchange for my money.
I could not resist the attraction of lozenges and went to the shop.My friends and my sister blocked me.
'No, You can't spend the money.It is meant for the magic show.'
'But I like to purchase lozenges'I said.
'Then you will have to forgo the Magic-Show'
'Yes, I don't like to watch the Show', I replied.
Then they left me in that shop and went ahead.
lozenges were exchanged with money by then.
With reluctance I went after them, eating lozenges one by one.I offered lozenges to them, but they refused to take.

We reached school.The Magic Show was about to start.Every other child of the school was excited except me.The class teacher collected 25 paise from each one.When my turn came, I said, 'Sir, I have no paise.' Then the other friends shouted 'Sir, She ate lozenges with 25 paise'. The teacher did not say anything and went ahead to collect from others.

Time came for the Magic show. A school teacher asked the students to gather on the Hall.All students went to the Hall except me.Only I was sitting alone in my class with a sad face.Then a school teacher came to check whether all students had gone or not.When he saw me, he asked why I had not gone for the show.I told him that I had not paid for the show.He said, 'O.K., O.K.I say, you go.Don't bother'.
Delightfully I ran to the Hall and went to sit by the side of my friends.
'Aww-Why did you come? You were not supposed to come? ', My friends exclaimed.
I said, 'Do you know? I was not coming, but our teacher forced me to come here'
My face was both happy and remorseful.
'Woah! You have got your chocolates and also the Magic Show! ! ! '
Perhaps they thought they were the losers.But I learnt a lesson on that day.Only I knew how painful it was to sit alone in the classroom when everybody else was having fun because they had paid their 25 paise!

Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Anil Kumar Panda 26 March 2023

Wow! ! Beautiful story. Childhood memories are priceless. Nicely written. Enjoyed.

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Nabakishore Dash 27 March 2023

Excellent memory of school days.Enjoyed both although sad for some moments.

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Kesav Venkat Easwaran 26 March 2023

Be it lozenges or a magic show, enjoy everything together with the world. Beautiful conclusion

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Kesav Venkat Easwaran 26 March 2023

Be it Lozenges or Magic shows, enjoy everything along with the world

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Kesav Venkat Easwaran 26 March 2023

Isaavadyam Idam Sarvam...

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Loved this wonderful recollection of your schooldays. Beautifully narrated.

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