Akara K.

Rookie (06/30/91 / Alabama)

Akara K. Poems

1. Poetry 9/3/2006
2. Butterfly Effect 9/3/2006
3. Crooked 8/27/2006
4. Ode To Blue - A Sonnet 2/2/2009
5. Better Weather Here Than Somewhere Else 7/29/2007
6. Outside 4/1/2010
7. Childish Wisdom 9/3/2006
8. Facade 8/27/2006
9. Forgiveness 2/2/2009
10. Grip 8/27/2006
11. Inferno 8/27/2006
12. I Guess I'M Greedy? 9/3/2006
13. Reckless Fury 9/3/2006
14. Fallen Angel 8/27/2006
15. (wind) 2/2/2009
16. Anti-Reality 8/27/2006
17. Still Alive In Spite Of It All 7/29/2007
18. Fake 7/29/2007
19. Monster 7/29/2007
20. Angel Of My Hell 7/29/2007
21. A Sinner's Prayer 7/29/2007
22. Rock-A-Bye-Bye 7/29/2007
23. Revelation 9/3/2006
24. The Solution To All Your Worldly Problems 9/3/2006
25. To The Abyss 1/18/2010
26. Pretty Things 10/12/2011
27. The Meaning Of Life 8/27/2006
28. Who's To Trust 8/27/2006
29. The Journey 9/3/2006
30. For Sam 4/29/2012
31. Untitled 6/2/2012
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What is poetry?
Poetry is many things
But there are far more things that poetry is not
Poetry is not a style of writing
Poetry is not a rhyme or a limerick
Poetry is not something you can read
Poetry isn't just seen or heard, but seen, heard, and felt
What is poetry, then?
I can't tell you that, no one can
But you can only know
And even then you can't tell anyone what poetry is
Because poetry isn't words
Poetry is a feeling you get in your chest
Poetry is a chill that runs through your body
Poetry is a knife that slices your soul
Poetry is ...

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Who's To Trust

If you happen to visit a quiet little town
And you walk down a short dusty street
If you ever pass a certain house
There's someone I'd like you to meet
Her shoulders sag as she stares at the ground
Her face is as pale as snow
Her smile is broken, her eyes are sad
And there's something that she'd like to know
'Can I trust you? '

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