Alessandra Liverani

Rookie (Wollongong, Australia)

Alessandra Liverani Poems

201. Two For The Price Of One 7/10/2005
202. Urgent Delivery 1/31/2005
203. Valued Victims 2/3/2005
204. View From Mars 2/4/2005
205. Virtual Reality 8/24/2005
206. We Are The Tobacco Companies 9/14/2005
207. We Don'T Care 2/15/2007
208. We Like To Give Children A Choice 11/23/2009
209. We Sell 7/18/2007
210. What A Rebel......Not 2/17/2005
211. What Is It? 8/21/2005
212. What Part? 2/17/2005
213. What's On At The Movies 5/1/2007
214. Which Voice? 2/6/2005
215. Who Am I? 8/19/2005
216. Who Are They? 11/30/2006
217. Who Is The Master? 2/20/2005
218. Who's The Clever One? 11/30/2006
219. Why Are You Running? 5/23/2005
220. Why Go Back? 8/22/2005
221. Why Wait 5/8/2005
222. Window Of Opportunity 11/30/2006
223. Yes Master 5/23/2005
224. You Don'T Know What It's Like 11/19/2006
Best Poem of Alessandra Liverani

Yes Master

Will you smoke every single day the cigarettes I make and sell
Yes master
Even though I tricked you into buying them in the first place
Yes master
Even though I couldn't care less about your health
Yes master
Even though you are making me more rich and powerful than you can imagine
Yes master.
Do you believe that my cigarettes have special and magical properties
Yes master
Do you believe that they are your first priority, more important than your precious health
Oh yes master
Do you believe that you benefit from being a smoker
Yes master
Do you believe...

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What Is It?

What is it in your mind
That drives you on and on and on
And on and on and on and on
And on and on and on

A path so deeply etched
Is it permanent in your mind?
Or is there anything out there at all
That will make your brain rewind

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