Alessandra Liverani

Rookie (Wollongong, Australia)

Poems of Alessandra Liverani

81. Are You Crazy? 4/22/2005
82. Because I Said So, That's Why 10/5/2005
83. Before You Start 5/11/2005
84. Better Have A Cigarette 5/26/2005
85. Big Tobacco And The Government 4/10/2005
86. Big Tobacco's Creed 6/12/2005
87. Breakfast At Tiffany's 5/16/2005
88. But It Makes Me Lots Of Money 5/30/2005
89. Can You Do It? 6/10/2005
90. Can You Sell This? 3/18/2008
91. Caring For An Absurdity 4/7/2005
92. Caught In A Rip 5/10/2005
93. Cockroaches Rule 4/4/2005
94. Comfort Zone 4/6/2005
95. Complicated 8/23/2005
96. Confused 7/18/2005
97. Copied Fear 11/30/2006
98. Coulda Woulda Shoulda 2/3/2005
99. Cycles 4/7/2005
100. Dave The Drunk 6/6/2005

This Is A Test Only

You're sitting at your desk, trying to concentrate
When suddenly the loudspeaker crackles with a voice that just can't wait
You then sit waiting expectantly, just a little bit on edge

For the certain piercing screech of the office fire alarm
It is warning you to leave, so that you'll stay out of harm
Yet you stubbornly stay put, continue working at your desk
Because you know that this is just merely a test

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