Amelia Murray

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Amelia Murray Poems

1. Entity 12/6/2013
2. Fates Curse 12/6/2013
3. What Night Brings 12/6/2013
4. Parting 12/6/2013
5. In Vain 12/6/2013
6. Longing 12/6/2013
7. Welcoming Death 12/7/2013
8. Blue Eyes 12/7/2013
9. Your Words Are Lies 12/12/2013
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17. Finding Your Own Identity 3/3/2014
18. Only Route She Can'T Follow You In 3/3/2014
19. How Love Is Rejected 3/2/2014
20. Echoes 2/23/2014
21. When Tears Are Your Words 12/6/2013
22. Questions 1/15/2014
23. Glass Tree 2/23/2014
24. R.I.P Little Bow-Peep 2/25/2014
Best Poem of Amelia Murray

R.I.P Little Bow-Peep

I felt like writing a poem about life
but then something else caught my eye
little Bow-Peep going far far astray.

No calls of help or sorrow are heard.
For little bow-peep had wandered away.

Now it comes to pass that a big ugly lizard,
found little Bow-Peep walking alone.
He stopped by the corner and gave her a grin,
not of affection but more of a win.

She popped up her head and gave a slight nod.
This is what happens on the streets after dark

The lizard perused little bow-peep
up the large hills and through the low rivers.
Past the big ...

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In Vain

I take it back,
saying love hurts the most.
A dying heart
and tears of blood.

My limbs feel like lead.
My eyes just look at shadows.
The mist covers my mind,
A ghost touches my skin.

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