Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel

Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel Poems

1. Broken Hearted Dreamers / Dream On My Friend 11/23/2007
2. Battle At A Picnic 11/24/2007
3. When I Die And Am Gathered Unto My People 4/28/2008
4. Message To The Children/I'Ll Send You Kisses 4/28/2008
5. When You Feel Hurt 4/29/2008
6. A Holocaust 7/1/2008
7. The Wildfire 7/3/2008
8. She's Only 15 12/16/2008
9. Rat Race 9/20/2009
10. Do Ya Think? (Lyric) 12/11/2007
11. Good Night 12/11/2007
12. Civilized - Spoken Word Poem 10/31/2011
13. A New Chapter At University 2/17/2012
14. Vida Is Life 11/24/2007
15. I Need A New Heart 11/26/2007
16. Women Of The World 5/9/2012
17. Midnight In The Park 3/29/2012
18. Trying To Find The Good 9/20/2009
19. A Well Meaning Friend Was Here Today 11/24/2007
20. Mononym Discription 11/27/2007
21. Heartless Time 11/24/2007
22. Wondering Of The Road Not Taken 11/24/2007
Best Poem of Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel

Wondering Of The Road Not Taken

</>Do you ever wonder about that 'road not taken'?
Where would you be if your path was the other?
If you had gone on that trip to Europe that year,
if you had gone with the band would you be another?
Or is our fate already chosen, are we here to stay?
Can we cut fates cords by our choices each day?

If I'd taken that road trip, or stayed in school,
if I'd married someone else, if I'd obeyed the rules.
Who are we to say this wasn't part of the plan,
I believe my life and fate is in God's hand.

I don't know what it is He wants from me,
but ...

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Battle At A Picnic

At a picnic not long ago I saw a scene,
and as I've thought on what I saw
I've come to understand what it means.
Ants were marching across the sand,
our lunch had usurped something
what we sat on what was their land.
They marched onto a battle field of plaid
and one gave me a warning bite
They fought as though my size wasn't so bad

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