Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel

Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel Poems

1. Broken Hearted Dreamers / Dream On My Friend 11/23/2007
2. A Well Meaning Friend Was Here Today 11/24/2007
3. Battle At A Picnic 11/24/2007
4. Wondering Of The Road Not Taken 11/24/2007
5. Heartless Time 11/24/2007
6. Vida Is Life 11/24/2007
7. I Need A New Heart 11/26/2007
8. Mononym Discription 11/27/2007
9. When I Die And Am Gathered Unto My People 4/28/2008
10. Message To The Children/I'Ll Send You Kisses 4/28/2008
11. When You Feel Hurt 4/29/2008
12. A Holocaust 7/1/2008
13. The Wildfire 7/3/2008
14. She's Only 15 12/16/2008
15. Rat Race 9/20/2009
16. Do Ya Think? (Lyric) 12/11/2007
17. Good Night 12/11/2007
18. Civilized - Spoken Word Poem 10/31/2011
19. A New Chapter At University 2/17/2012
20. Women Of The World 5/9/2012
21. Midnight In The Park 3/29/2012
22. Trying To Find The Good 9/20/2009
Best Poem of Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel

Trying To Find The Good

My grandmother always said we need to find the good in folks.
Some folks make it easier than others, but it is our job to seek.
She lived in a simpler time when kids learned right from wrong.
She lived in a time safe from preditors and pedifile freaks.

But I try to remember her smile and to be more like her.
I'm actively looking for the good even amongst the currs.
I want to make it a simpler time where kids know good from bad.
If I try maybe my world can be a little more like hers.

So When I see you today I will smile and wave.
I will hold the door open for ...

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Heartless Time

Time passes by without concern for me.
Each tick rings a tock as it passes free.
Spring rains pass and summer's gone,
Fall and winter just keep moving on.
Flowers bud and bloom and die
It does no good to ask them why.
Babies are born, grow and move on
And father time sings the same song.
We write our names and our history

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