Babatunde Idowu Ebenezer

Best Poem of Babatunde Idowu Ebenezer

The Ball Of Flame

Down, down and down
It descended from the sky
like rain.
Down and fast like a fallen
Bright and Loud it came
from above.
Bringing into memory the
popular story
Of Sodom and Gomorah in
the Bible.
Furiously it descended like
an injured Robin,
Killing everything in its path
like war,
Scattering pieces of human
flesh around like a bomb,
Down it rained on the
innocents residents like
The Ball of Flame.
Among the torn
unconsumable meats,
Flow the blood of innocents
children in their sprouting
period, ...

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Once Upon A Spinster

Once upon a spinster,
Shining so brightly like a silver,
In the hope of a glorious future,
Just in the way of nature.

Once upon a spinster,
Smiling gaily like a star,
Happy on the face of a cloudless sky,
In one beautiful summer style.

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