Brandon McConnell

Brandon McConnell Poems

1. My Heart Lullaby 6/14/2011
2. A Year And A Day 6/14/2011
3. Anomalous 12/13/2011
4. Ecstasy 4/16/2012
5. Your Touch 4/16/2012
6. Pursuit 5/20/2012
7. Another Day 11/9/2012
8. Candela Contention 6/13/2011
9. Winter 6/13/2011
10. Caught By The Hand 6/13/2011
11. In My Eyes 6/13/2011
12. Full Of You 6/13/2011
13. Guardian 6/13/2011
14. Beautiful As Ever 2/24/2016
15. From The One Who Will Never Stop 2/24/2016
16. We Were 2/24/2016
17. My Name 2/24/2016
18. You Are The Storm 2/24/2016
19. A Game Of Words 2/24/2016
20. First To The Finish 6/14/2011
21. Shadows 2/24/2016
22. Living With A Broken Heart 11/29/2012
23. Drift Me Off To Sleep 3/8/2016
24. The Fog 2/24/2016
25. Reminiscence 6/13/2011
26. What Is Poetry 6/13/2011
27. Coyotes 6/13/2011
Best Poem of Brandon McConnell


Triplet coyotes
From the day of their birth
Desired the moon
And all it was worth

Providing them light
So at night they could see
Any dangers ahead
And be able to flee

All three loved the moon
And each soon decided
Too precious to share
Was the light it provided

The coyote first born
Snuck into night
And sang to the moon
With all of his might

Assured by the usual
Glimmer it gave
He felt quite accomplished
And returned to the cave

The youngest coyote
The next night awoke
And danced for the moon
As he ...

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Candela Contention

As the spectral night begins to creep,
Over the sunlit sky,
The armies of light fall fast asleep,
The victory of dark is nigh.

Shadow slithers over the Earth,
Devouring what stands its way,
The moon rises up with a feeling of mirth,
End is the time of day.

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