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201. Spectral Verses, Ii, My Heart Folds Loosely Bound 4/16/2013
202. Spectral Verses, Iii, Youthful Combs Of Fire 4/18/2013
203. Spectral Verses, Iv, The Die My Soul Has Cast 4/19/2013
204. Spectral Verses, Ix, Conceptual Realm Of Beginning 5/13/2013
205. Spectral Verses, V, Moon Tides The Pattern Of My Soul 4/21/2013
206. Spectral Verses, Vi, Void Of Dark 5/1/2013
207. Spectral Verses, Vii, Linguistic Chains Of Slight 5/7/2013
208. Spectral Verses, Viii, Raise High The Curtain Of Your Dreams 5/11/2013
209. Spectral Verses, X, Flames To The West 5/15/2013
210. Sprightly In The Rain 5/22/2013
211. Starlit Picquet Glow, Genre Poems 9/1/2012
212. Stealth Of Your Kiss, Love Poems 9/9/2012
213. Strands Of Red That Are Braided Round, (Love Letters To A Lady Of Renown) 7/15/2014
214. Strange Charisma Of Your Words 9/1/2014
215. Surety Of Soul, (Love Letters To A Lady Of Renown) 6/4/2014
216. Tango Nude Inflections, Portrait Poems 9/6/2012
217. The Road To Perdition 2/26/2013
218. The Road To Perdition, Michael, Verse Ii 3/17/2013
219. The Road To Perdition, Quilted Wings, Verse Iii 3/17/2013
220. The Treasure Is You 5/18/2013
221. Thirsty Virgin Sand 7/14/2015
222. Though You Taunt I Still Pursue 7/20/2014
223. Thought Bouquet 4/22/2014
224. Time, Comments From Antiquity 4/19/2014
225. To My Juliet, Where The Chains Of Love Are Wrought 9/16/2014
226. To Whom My Love Is Pledged, Canto I, Love Poems 4/28/2013
227. To Whom My Love Is Pledged, Canto Ii, Love Poems 4/28/2013
228. To Whom My Love Is Pledged, Love Poems 4/26/2013
229. Tombs Of The Dead, Pirate Adventures (8) 1/27/2013
230. Trojan Gift 6/21/2014
231. Twin Geisha Girls, Portrait Poems 8/31/2012
232. Uncompromising Sea 5/8/2014
233. Unconditional Love 8/27/2012
234. Unsung Love, Love Poems 11/16/2012
235. Unwavering Grace, Portrait Poems 9/2/2012
236. Unwritten Soul, Portrait Poems 8/30/2012
237. Vengeful Labors, (Love Letters To A Lady Of Renown) 5/15/2014
238. Venus In Scopio Rising 6/26/2014
239. Virgin Mermaid Undertones, Portrait Poems 8/29/2012
240. Wainwright Barrows Of The Sea, Pirate Adventures (9) 2/2/2013
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Unsung Love, Love Poems

The joy that your heart brings
to me is a simple, precious thing
and has inspired me to sing
to you this song.

I awoke and heard these words
from my soul they gently poured
from my sleeping heart un-stored
and found a voice.

You will never un-inspire
I will never un-desire
I will never un-require
your sweet love.

I will never implicate
I will never confiscate
I will never complicate
your loving heart.

I will never un-invent
these simple words that I have sent
I will never circumvent
the girl you are.

I will take it...

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Demon Seas, Part 2

Lightening shears the darkened skies
exposing faceless demons
whose voices roll and echoes long
express their morbid treason

against god, against man,
as they mount each rising swell
that smashes down my stricken ship
with the waterfalls of hell.

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