Cristian Carcu

Poems of Cristian Carcu

1. (Sic!) 2/21/2013
2. Forever and More 2/21/2013
3. Le Grand Blanc 2/21/2013
4. Love Is Fragile 2/21/2013
5. Night Words 2/21/2013
6. That Beautiful Flame 2/21/2013
7. The Blue Underneath 2/21/2013
8. The broken morning 2/21/2013
9. The Sharpest Claw 2/21/2013
10. There's A Story 2/21/2013

The broken morning

This morning I felt a broken silence stepped into my dream
This morning I felt my twisted soul longing for another broken scream
A broken day arrived without the usual broken light

The time was frozen
The life was broken
The love undone

Me, around and in and out and in between

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