Daleen Enslinstrydom

Rookie - 61 Points [Daleen EnslinStrydom] (25-02-1967 / Springs, South Africa)

Daleen Enslinstrydom Poems

161. Sadness We Do Carry Alone 12/20/2013
162. Scarlet Woman 1/30/2013
163. She Dances For The Rain 7/16/2013
164. She Looks Like An Angel 8/12/2013
165. Shells 4/16/2013
166. Soft Green Leaves Appear On Each Tree 12/13/2013
167. Sometimes Life Is But A Time 9/10/2013
168. Sorry-Sam 8/23/2013
169. Spitting Cobra 6/4/2013
170. Spring 11/21/2013
171. Symphony Of The Thunderstorm 5/23/2013
172. That Snake Was A Venomous Thing (Rondine) 6/4/2013
173. The Autumn Blanket 3/20/2013
174. The Awakening 7/19/2013
175. The Big Brown Toad 10/21/2013
176. The Broken Temple 4/2/2013
177. The Broken Temple [1] 4/2/2013
178. The Can-Can Of The Sea 2/17/2013
179. The Dance Of The Cape Robin 10/9/2013
180. The Earth Prays For Rain 10/30/2013
181. The Empty Sky 9/19/2013
182. The Eyes Of My Mother 12/3/2013
183. The Face In The Mirror 7/10/2013
184. The Fox In The Hen Coop 5/30/2013
185. The Garden King 8/29/2013
186. The Glory Of The Lord 6/2/2014
187. The Grey Ibis 4/30/2013
188. The Guardian Of The Backyard 5/6/2013
189. The Hands Of A Farmer 4/23/2013
190. The House Between The Mountains 11/7/2013
191. The House Of My Heart 11/1/2013
192. The Jewel Of The Mountain 3/12/2013
193. The Joy Of Spring 8/20/2013
194. The King Of Its Domain 9/5/2013
195. The Knight 10/22/2013
196. The Knysna Tauraco (Or Lory) 6/26/2013
197. The Life Of My Dad 6/7/2013
198. The Lonely Sentinel 6/5/2013
199. The Melody Of My Heart 10/11/2013
200. The Ones That Are Left Behind 11/11/2013
Best Poem of Daleen Enslinstrydom

The Hands Of A Farmer

I have known those hands all of my life
and many times I have looked at those hands,
at big rough hands that worked the fields
and calluses in their palms tell a own story
and the fingers are big
and when they grab they hold on.

Those are very strong hands
but they are gentle when they touch the family.
Those hands sowed the wheat
and harvested the sheaves,
those hands planted maize
and brought home the first ripe corn.

Those hands brought life,
helped the cow that struggled during birth,
those hands carried the lambs
to a place of ...

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Scarlet Woman

Caught in the act she fears them,
hears their voices
as they drag her like an animal to the slaughterhouse
while her prosecutors pulls her by the hair
to the pebbled courtyard
where she stumbles and she is naked
and she knows that she is guilty
while her heart pounds anxiously in her chest,
uneasily she grasps for air.

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