Dan Reynolds

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Dan Reynolds Poems

1. Halle Loo? Jah! 8/21/2010
2. The Ballad Of Jock Dean. 1/30/2011
3. Can I Offer A Version Of The World's (Supposedly) Funniest Joke? 2/17/2011
4. Has Anybody Else Questioned The Dawn 6/3/2011
5. Well, Would You Adam And Eve It? 7/12/2011
6. Behind The Iron Gate 7/21/2011
7. Do You Know How Romero Helped Cure Masculine Ailments In The Future? 9/1/2011
8. Humble Pii 's Are Squared. (P R2) (P R2) 9/2/2011
9. When Young, He Sprung On Cloven Hooves 9/6/2011
10. When I Listen To Camel’s Song, “for Today” 9/11/2011
11. Somnambulistic Sonnet 9/14/2011
12. The Gristle-Biter 9/15/2011
13. How Kin Ye No Get A Single Fish In A Glezga Chippie? 7/4/2011
14. Indian Summer 9/30/2011
15. Facing Facets Of Timely Reminders. 10/1/2011
16. Waiting For The Box. 10/4/2011
17. The Not So Royal Mint. 10/6/2011
18. Are Emos Monopolising The Muse? 1/5/2012
19. Take A Bad Look At Yourself 2/28/2012
20. Mulch Ado About Nothing? 4/3/2012
21. What Kind Of Things Could Make A Grown Man Cry? 4/6/2012
22. Jack's Missing Leg, As A Conversation Piece. 6/20/2012
23. An Olympian Sonnet Of Sorts 7/27/2012
24. Where Were You On Guy Fawkes Day/Night? 11/15/2012
25. An Ode For All Christmas Workers. 12/24/2012
26. Ever Fell Foul Of Your Own Conscientious Consumer Choices? 3/1/2013
27. Faith In Futility 3/19/2013
28. The Wind That Never Blows 3/26/2013
29. Denial Of The Inner Bully. 3/30/2013
30. Styx And The Stones May Break 3/30/2013
31. Behind The Magic Cottage 3/30/2013
32. Bonjour Mon Cher Et Cher-Alike. 4/2/2013
33. Did You Know That, Not All Gnomes Sit Still In Your Gardens? 4/4/2013
34. God Doesn’t Have The Monopoly On Haloes, Does He? 4/18/2013
35. Who Can The Godless Turn To In Such Times 5/2/2013
36. Are God And Mother Nature In Cahoots? 5/23/2013
37. Letting The Dog Out Late In June. 6/14/2013
38. Re-Awakening. 5/28/2013
39. The Unwanted Prize 9/6/2013
40. The Tourist's Rap? 9/12/2013
Best Poem of Dan Reynolds

My Old School.

He couldn't go back
to his old school,
the bastards had knocked it down
Tore away his memories
his triggers to his past
and as an afterthought
rebuilt, renamed, and
reneged on their promise.

No more broken stained glass mosaics
no more shiny loo roll
no more lighting bunsen burners
from statically charged fingertips
no more prickly bushes
no more beatings, heading home
no more spittle-flicking
on the blazer backs in front.
No more wistful gazing
to the girls' school o'er the road

He picked out from the rubble

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<p align='center'>

The glass
is quickly running
down, and has not far
to go. I feel the sand in every
frown that drags my will down low.
The silicon, conniving grit that rubs
on every pore. Abrasive and

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