Treasure Island


(09/1965 / Australia)


1. A broken heart speaks love 11/23/2010
2. A Crack In Time 8/14/2012
3. A dream within a dream, 11/20/2010
4. A myriad of coloured dreams... 8/15/2012
5. A night of love... 2/5/2011
6. A Night Of Peaceful Sleep 8/14/2012
7. A silence comes within me... 8/15/2012
8. A single teardrop... 2/5/2011
9. A waterfall of empty tears 11/23/2010
10. A waterfall of screams 11/23/2010
11. A Window's Pain 8/14/2012
12. A wishful touch... 8/15/2012
13. Adrift on butterfly wings.. 8/15/2012
14. All alone with my thoughts... 8/15/2012
15. alone in my room 11/20/2010
16. Alone in the dark 11/20/2010
17. Alone with me... 8/15/2012
18. Angel of hope come now to me... 2/5/2011
19. Autumn Has Come, My Beautiful Friend… 5/5/2014
20. Autumn’s last dance…. 5/5/2014

cemetary of my soul

Deep down in my mind, in its darkest corner, there's an abandoned graveyard,
filled with lost desires, a dark land, raped, scarred...

In my thoughts, hidden within my necropolis of dreams,
Littered and filled with dead hopes, echoing, ghostly screams...

The fate of my dreams, I will take it all, in the cemetery of my soul,
filled with complete darkness, in a burial ground, whole...

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