Deniz Atay

Deniz Atay Poems

1. Queen Of Ice 9/3/2011
2. Hope Can Blossom 9/5/2011
3. A Lonesome Rose - #1 9/11/2011
4. Joy Is Unattainable 9/25/2011
5. Life Is But A Dream 12/10/2011
6. Lonesome Hands 12/30/2011
7. The First Bloom 12/16/2013
8. Hatirladim 8/21/2014
9. Birak Unutulsun 8/21/2014
10. Senin Degilim 8/21/2014
11. Tohum Dükkani 8/21/2014
12. Yüregimin Hayalleri 8/24/2014
13. Yalniz Uykuda 9/13/2014
14. Deep Woods 6/13/2012
15. A Ballad 6/25/2012
16. When Are You Coming Dear 3/10/2016
17. Mimosas 4/8/2012
18. Gül Ailesi 8/21/2014
19. Love's Art 12/14/2011
20. Cirrus 9/8/2011
21. A Polar Bear 10/26/2011
22. Songs Of You 1/17/2015
23. Your Beauty Once Was Gold 3/9/2012
24. The Extant Song 8/5/2013
Best Poem of Deniz Atay

The Extant Song

With whom I dive below the sky
In the silver rain like a tranquil cry
Into golden seas - beyond the glow
I hear her eyes singing lullaby.

Like an old man's hand, the wind is slow
And the eyes are less merry than mellow
And the heart is dark, as a pearl so deep
And her silence is as white as snow.

But when she speaks in a pure short sleep
And hums her notes like lovebirds cheep
I find her words between the lines
I see her face in the garden I keep.

In her sadness I see her smiles -
Just watch how night goes by miles -
If beauty is one, hers ...

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Hope Can Blossom

Hope can blossom
While it kills clots,
It can set morales
Or cover thy front.

Thou, whose worth
Is over thy rigors,
Made a life curt
To smell the flowers.

Hope can blossom
While it makes thee sob,
But no more dolor
Can remove an aplomb.

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