Elena Plotkin

Elena Plotkin Poems

1. Sorrow 2/21/2014
2. Foolishly Bet 2/21/2014
3. Truly Repentant 2/21/2014
4. What A Way To Go! 7/23/2014
5. The Look On Your Face Says It All 8/13/2014
6. Happy Valentine's Day 2/13/2014
7. Mom's Little Feet And Little Hands 5/8/2014
8. A Spring In My Step 2/12/2015
9. Dear Mother Dear 4/25/2015
10. Grape -new- 9/29/2015
11. To Err Is Human 9/8/2014
12. Best Friends Forever 2/3/2014
13. Auguste Rodin In The Usa 2/13/2014
14. Divorce 4/8/2014
15. Orange 12/11/2013
16. Who Will 12/31/2013
17. To The Teacher 11/22/2013
18. To Be 6/11/2013
19. Cutting Away At My Heart 8/6/2013
20. There Will Always Be A Place For You At My Table 8/16/2013
21. The Wolf At The Door 8/27/2013
22. Before We Met 8/27/2013
23. Writers Of Yore 8/27/2013
24. Heyyy! Why Is Life So Mean? 2/12/2015
25. Baby, I'M Ready To Live The Fantasy 3/13/2015
26. Oblivion 6/18/2013
27. The Truth Behind The Fairy Tale Snow White 7/18/2013
28. The Truth Behind The Fairy Tale Sleeping Beauty 7/18/2013
29. Love And Marriage 7/26/2013
30. I Came Here By Taxi 12/24/2013
31. They Told Me To Laugh When I Was Crying 2/12/2015
32. I Want To Be The Man In The Relationship 3/24/2015
33. Every Time I'M Out About Town 8/28/2013
34. Lost Connection 8/15/2013
35. Revenge And Spite 8/2/2013
36. I Shan'T Ever Forget Thee 7/15/2013
37. Crimes Of The Century 2/21/2014
38. When Looks Can Kill 9/25/2014
39. The Old Age Creak 1/21/2014
40. Response To 'I'M Going On Military Leave' 2/21/2014
Best Poem of Elena Plotkin


I grew up with a bunch of others,
Just me with my sisters and brothers.
When I was younger, I was green and tough,
But as I grew older, I discovered life could be rough.
I changed and grew softer, some called me yellow.
But I was no coward, just a very cautious fellow.
Because where I come from you never know the day,
That your whole family gets eaten or just carted away.

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Time Is A Runner

Time is a runner who runs every race.
But he never runs in just one place.

You can’t hide from him; he’s everywhere.
And yet he’s always gone before you get there.

He doesn’t care that you can’t catch up.
You can’t expect him to stay and wait up.

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