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(23rd of June / United Kingdom)

Poems of Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa

1. A Day Of Freedom 6/28/2012
2. A Life Worth Living 6/28/2012
3. A Place In My Mind 6/28/2012
4. A Prayer to Waheguru (Wonderful God) 6/28/2012
5. All Walks Of Life 6/28/2012
6. An Evening Prayer 6/28/2012
7. Children of Light 6/28/2012
8. Dearest Mother Earth 6/28/2012
9. Everyday Is a Miracle 6/28/2012
10. Everything is You 6/28/2012
11. Inverse Is The Game Of Love 6/28/2012
12. Lake Of The Mind 6/28/2012
13. Meditate To Win Win Never Lose 6/28/2012
14. No Words 6/28/2012
15. On the Outside People are Pretty 6/28/2012
16. Only One Way 6/28/2012
17. Peace by Piece 6/28/2012
18. Such A Wondrous Play 6/28/2012
19. The Eyes Are Drenched 6/28/2012
20. Universe Takes Care of All 6/28/2012

A Day Of Freedom

Today is a day of freedom,
Today is a day of martyrdom,
Freedom from time and space,
Martyrdom of life and breath.

Oh mortal, when will you pull through?
When will you fall out of negativity?
Oh mortal, when will kindness brew?
When will you turn to progressivity?

[Hata Bildir]