Joe Rosochacki

Joe Rosochacki Poems

41. Are You Experienced? 5/5/2009
42. Area 51 8/17/2013
43. At Least It's Not A Jonestown 5/22/2011
44. B(S) P Oil Aka Bull Sh&&Ing Pri&Ks Or How To Make Gaia Bleed 6/17/2010
45. Bad Idea! 6/28/2015
46. Bakker The Red- Nosed Evangelist (Sung To The Tune Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer) 5/9/2009
47. Baltimore Catechisms, Pagan Babies, And Bishops Captured By Pawns 5/9/2009
48. Banking On Getting A New Mattress? 6/10/2009
49. Bat Masterson 12/13/2009
50. Bearly A Cereal Killer 5/6/2009
51. Bee-Atch Is Back 5/8/2009
52. Being Accused Of Murder Is A Weight(Y) And See Situation 5/9/2009
53. Being Declared Dead Can Ruin Your Health 5/2/2009
54. Bend Me Shape Me (A Parody Dedicated To The Apple Iphone 6) 9/26/2014
55. Bill Clinton Wanna’ Be 5/7/2009
56. Bill Richardson Is Judas Iscariot, Huh? 5/8/2009
57. Birdie On The Seventh Hole, Shoot Like A Pro 5/11/2009
58. Birds Of A Feather, F$#k Together Or Gertrude And Heathcliff, Where Are You? 11/27/2010
59. Black Friday 5/6/2009
60. Black Friday Ii 5/6/2009
61. Blackwater 5/7/2009
62. Blue On Blue 7/28/2009
63. Boeing, Boeing Gone 5/12/2009
64. Boeing, Boeing, Soon To Be Gone 9/1/2009
65. Books In Library, Quite Contrary How Does Your Dewey Decimal System Grow? 9/21/2010
66. Boot Camp Or Death Camp 5/9/2009
67. Born With A Silver Spoon In Her Mouth? 10/31/2009
68. Boysiimen, Tiger, Buddha And Nazarean-Israelites, Oh My! 1/9/2010
69. Bp 5/9/2009
70. Bravo To Music And Let’s Play Ping Pong 5/11/2009
71. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 5/23/2009
72. Bud-Weis-Uh-Uh, (In-Bev) -Er 5/6/2009
73. Burr(R) Oak Cemetery Aka How Cold Is That! 7/10/2009
74. Calling Sister Bill, Sister Yolanda, Sister Anita, Sister Consuela…. 5/9/2009
75. Can I Have Some Voda Not Vodka? 5/6/2009
76. Can Playboy Stay Abreast-Uhm Afloat? 12/17/2009
77. Can You Hear Me Now, Ludwig? 5/6/2009
78. Can’t Buy Me Love-Lennon And Mccartney 5/3/2009
79. Car Wash Blues 5/17/2009
80. Carnage In Cairo, Atrocities In Alexandria, And Necromancies On The Nile 8/19/2013
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$$$$$creflo Dollar Store$$$$$ (Not Quite An Acronym For Cre(Ating) (The) Flo(W) (Of) Dollar(S) (His Real Name Is Michael Smith)

Who is this man of God,
professing the Resurrection of my Lord Jesus,
Dressed up with all that bling?
That the more you give to me assuredly comforts you with a heavenly thing.
International ministry, in the name of Jesus, to people in Uganda,

The Title and theme of Creflo Dollar's meeting in Kampala, Uganda is
'Janggu Ogagawale' in Luganda, a local dialect; in English translated
'Come and Get Rich'...
This sounds unbelievable cause Creflo would have a very hard time using
such a Theme in the United States. However, these ...

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A Royal Flush!

The ‘Assuies’ are levying a tax on water output, so called the ‘flushing tax’,
Some are not flushing as much do reduce their water bill,
Some are going “outside” in their outback, if you will,
In this world wide economic slow down you can’t be lax.
Some businesses are getting to point of developing ‘waterless toilets’,
The composting toilets are great for saving water and money,
They come in a variety of styles and you have much to gain,

With the average household flushing up to 3

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