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41. What Did Dela Wear? 5/16/2009
42. What About Poor Ruth? 6/29/2009
43. What A Shocker! 5/13/2009
44. Well Hello Mary Jo, Goodbye Heart 5/7/2009
45. We Still Have A Two Minute Warning Aka The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung Yet Aka It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over 5/8/2009
46. Water Erodes 5/15/2009
47. Wastin' A Day In Applebee's Margaritaville 4/12/2011
48. Waste Not Want Not 5/13/2009
49. Was Kermit A Vegen? 8/17/2009
50. Was It That Time Of The Month 5/13/2009
51. Was It Al Qaeda Or Was It The Taliban? 7/25/2013
52. War Games? 11/30/2009
53. Walter 'Wladyslaw' Budweil 10/2/2011
54. Walt, Michael, And Peter Pan 9/8/2009
55. Walmart, We Are Rolling Back Prices (In Healthcare) 5/2/2009
56. Wal-Mart Are You Joking? 10/2/2014
57. Virginia Is No Place For Virgins 4/30/2009
58. Victor Victoria God Willing! Can I Have An Amen? 5/9/2009
59. Vatican, We’ve Got A Problem 5/9/2009
60. Vatican Lists New Sins 5/9/2009
61. Upton's Response, An American Public Education Reminder 5/14/2009
62. Unrest In The Kingdom Of London Dairy? (Sung God Save The Queen Or My Country Tis Of Thee) 5/11/2009
63. Under The Boardwalk, Aka I Mean The I-95 Overpass In Florida 5/12/2009
64. Uhm-Uhm Good! 5/26/2009
65. Twenty Mule Team Borat 5/14/2009
66. Tuxedos, Lesbians, Aclu Lawyers, Oh My! 4/30/2010
67. Tsa Is Abreast Of Things 5/7/2009
68. Trinidad 5/2/2009
69. Torre What’s The Story? 5/14/2009
70. Top Of The World (Dedicated To Sir Edmund Hillary) 5/14/2009
71. Toot-Toot-Tootsie Good Bye (Well Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye Toot Toot Tootsie Don'T Cry) 5/11/2009
72. Tombstone Territory 5/12/2009
73. Tolerance Is A Virtue, Afghan’s Have None 5/14/2009
74. Tokyo Rose And Pastor Terry Jones Or 232.77778 C 9/8/2010
75. To Fart Or Not Fart That Is The Question? 9/23/2011
76. Tko Or Was It A Draw 5/7/2009
77. Tito, I Don'T Think That We Are In Yugoslavia Anymore 5/2/2009
78. Timothy Are A De-De-De 5/14/2009
79. Time, Time, Time Is On My Side Yes It Is! Or Does Anybody Know What Time It Is? Or Time In A Bottle 8/21/2010
80. Time Machine Food 5/11/2009
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"Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail Shall Keep The Postmen From Their Appointed Rounds.&Quot; But The Lack Of Money May.

The United States Postal Service is running out of money to operate.
My dad was a postal clerk in Hamtramck, Michigan, zone 12,
Before the use of zip codes, yes I am that old,
Zip codes were enacted by the time I was eight.
One of the Postal branches in New York City has; neither snow…..,
Though, - the US Postal officially has no motto.
My dad went on a strike back when the US Postal System was run by the government,
It was called a wild cat strike,
He feared for his job but the union "wanted" him to strike for better pay,
I believe he was making ...

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Does 1/2 Missing Audio Equate to 30,000 Deleted E-Mails?
Watergate, Nixon president one day,
gone the next day the Republican
Bengazi, Hillary, Madame Secretary, wishing to be president the Democrat
Yin and Yang, Karma,
There is balance in the universe.


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