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Joe Rosochacki Poems

81. Casey Anthony And O. J. Simpson, Are They Related? 7/7/2011
82. Chambers (Funeral Home And Crematorium) House Of Horrors 5/10/2010
83. Check’s In The Mail (Not Yet) 5/12/2009
84. Checkmate Bobby Fischer 5/6/2009
85. Checkmate! 2/13/2011
86. Cheetah Gone Ape? 5/4/2009
87. Cheetah’s Has Gone Donkey? 6/5/2009
88. Chief Wahoo No Go 5/17/2009
89. Chili Con Carne Anyone? 5/17/2009
90. Chocolate To Die For *aka* Willy Wonka’s Woeful Ways Of Weeping 7/9/2009
91. Christ Almighty! 5/9/2009
92. Christmas 2007 5/6/2009
93. Citation For Life? 8/16/2009
94. C'Mon Baby Light My Fire 11/12/2009
95. Cofucious Say “beauty Pageants May Show Bikinis, Not Show Brains” 5/14/2009
96. Confucias Say: 'Only Giving Birth To Baby Boys Cause No Births At All 18 Years In The Future' 1/12/2010
97. Conocophilips 5/6/2009
98. Copernicus 5/26/2010
99. Corn Cobs, Berlitz Books And Cigar Wrappers, Oh My! Or Please Squeeze The Charmin! 8/11/2009
100. Cowabunga Catholic? Aka How Does An Imaginary Character Fit Into The Dogma Of The Roman Catholic Church? 10/25/2010
101. Crackheads Heads Up 5/11/2009
102. Cre(Ating) (The) Flo(W) (Of) Dollar(S) Part Ii 3/27/2015
103. Csi Mcdonald Land Or A Game Of “clue” (In The Background Is Music By The Who And Who Was Hated By A Dettloff Named Sue 5/9/2009
104. Csi: Nassau, Um- Make That Nasa 7/17/2010
105. Curb Your (Jewish-American Related) Enthusiasm 11/5/2009
106. Dad 6/19/2011
107. Daschle Or No Daschle 5/5/2009
108. Dateline 5/11/2009
109. Day After D-Day 6/7/2011
110. Dead Man Standing? 5/9/2009
111. Debit Cards Only 5/6/2009
112. Defying Gravity Is Sinking 9/15/2009
113. Detroit Lions Are Headed For The Super-Bowl 5/6/2009
114. Devo De-Evolving 5/17/2009
115. Dinoland Aka Federal Correction Institution, Edgefield, South Carolina Or What You Say The Earth Is Round? 8/11/2009
116. Do Tell Mattel 5/2/2009
117. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? 5/11/2009
118. Do You Want Jelly Or Jam On Your Toast For Barackfast? Aka Barack Of Ages 5/8/2009
119. Dog Gun It! 5/17/2009
120. Don’t Ask, Do Tell At Wal-Mart 5/5/2009
Best Poem of Joe Rosochacki

"Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail Shall Keep The Postmen From Their Appointed Rounds.&Quot; But The Lack Of Money May.

The United States Postal Service is running out of money to operate.
My dad was a postal clerk in Hamtramck, Michigan, zone 12,
Before the use of zip codes, yes I am that old,
Zip codes were enacted by the time I was eight.
One of the Postal branches in New York City has; neither snow…..,
Though, - the US Postal officially has no motto.
My dad went on a strike back when the US Postal System was run by the government,
It was called a wild cat strike,
He feared for his job but the union "wanted" him to strike for better pay,
I believe he was making ...

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Ode To The Bird

How people flocked to see him pitch.
He was tall and lanky, fidgety, a Detroit Tiger was known as the ‘Bird’.
How sorely he will be missed.
He was often described as eccentric, crazy, de-de-de and in fact weird.
I often would see him on the TV on Tiger Baseball with Al Kaline,
- or listen WJR-760’s Ernie Harwell for a switch,
My dad seemed to be amused by you,
His viewpoint was shared by a lot; more than a few.
Call it superstition, not to be confused with another Detroit superstar,

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