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161. From Spygate To Stupidgate Or A First Down, A First Down, My Kingdom For A First Down! 11/17/2009
162. From Stonewall Inn In '69 To The Supreme Court In '15 6/27/2015
163. From Whoville To The Grinch, Firk You 5/17/2009
164. Fulgencio Battista, Mohammad Rezā Shā H Pahlavi, The Shah Of Iran, And Hosni Mubarak, Oh My! 2/1/2011
165. Gecko.Com 5/16/2009
166. Generally Butt Naked 5/16/2009
167. George Stinney Jr. 12/19/2014
168. Get Out The Hot Dogs, We'Re Going To The Beach 5/27/2011
169. Get The Point 1/3/2014
170. Giraffe’s ‘r’ Us 5/11/2009
171. Give Him Head And Shoulders 5/10/2009
172. Gm’s Poletown Plant 5/6/2009
173. Go Fish! (An Observation About The Automobile Bailouts In The Us) 5/6/2009
174. Go Green, Soylent Green 5/11/2009
175. Go Greyhound 5/16/2009
176. God Rest You, Megan 5/6/2009
177. Good Friday 1988 5/16/2009
178. Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of What? ? ? ? ? You Broke My Will, But What A Thrill Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls Of..What! ! ! 5/11/2009
179. Grease Is The Word, Is The Word, Is The Word, Is The Word…. 5/11/2009
180. Great Grandma Got Run Over By Reindeer (Not Really She Was Tasered Bv A Texas Sheriff) 10/4/2014
181. Great Value Brands-A Jaw Bone Of A Rat! Or Ratatouille In My Veggies 12/22/2009
182. Green Alligators And Long Neck Geese 5/16/2009
183. Guess Who’s Coming To Worship 12/2/2011
184. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? 11/27/2009
185. Hail Mary Full Of Whaaaat? 8/29/2009
186. Hair 5/16/2009
187. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 7/17/2010
188. Haiti 1/14/2010
189. Halo, Halo Won’t Tell Me Your Name? 5/4/2009
190. Hang Down Your Head Kelly Tilghman 5/11/2009
191. Hannah Montana Concert Tickets To Allegedly Die For 5/16/2009
192. Hanson Windows On 9-11-01 9/11/2009
193. Happy Birthday Hubble 4/24/2010
194. Hell Hath No Fury Like A 73 Year Old Woman Was This Man Smilin’ Bob Father? 5/4/2009
195. Hello Norma Jean 6/1/2009
196. Help Me I’m Think I’m Falling Aka Free Falling 5/11/2009
197. Helplessly Homeless 5/16/2009
198. Here Comes The Bride, There Goes The Bride, Here Comes The Bride, There Goes The Bride, (Repeat 21 Times More) 5/4/2009
199. Hey There Barbie Girl! 8/24/2009
200. Hey, Hey, We’re The Monkees Aka Get That Monkey Of My Back 5/16/2009
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"Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail Shall Keep The Postmen From Their Appointed Rounds.&Quot; But The Lack Of Money May.

The United States Postal Service is running out of money to operate.
My dad was a postal clerk in Hamtramck, Michigan, zone 12,
Before the use of zip codes, yes I am that old,
Zip codes were enacted by the time I was eight.
One of the Postal branches in New York City has; neither snow…..,
Though, - the US Postal officially has no motto.
My dad went on a strike back when the US Postal System was run by the government,
It was called a wild cat strike,
He feared for his job but the union "wanted" him to strike for better pay,
I believe he was making ...

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A Royal Flush!

The ‘Assuies’ are levying a tax on water output, so called the ‘flushing tax’,
Some are not flushing as much do reduce their water bill,
Some are going “outside” in their outback, if you will,
In this world wide economic slow down you can’t be lax.
Some businesses are getting to point of developing ‘waterless toilets’,
The composting toilets are great for saving water and money,
They come in a variety of styles and you have much to gain,

With the average household flushing up to 3

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