John W. McEwers

Freshman - 538 Points (6/20/1980 / Nova Scotia, Halifax)

John W. McEwers Poems

41. Bright Lights, Pink Car 2/3/2012
42. Brown, Light Brown, And Green 4/13/2010
43. Built Me A House On Housefly Eyes 4/12/2010
44. Bunt 4/13/2010
45. Butterflies And Cyanide 2/13/2012
46. Call Me A Cab Or Buy Me A Steak 2/1/2012
47. Captain Of Souls 2/3/2012
48. Caress, Not Career 4/13/2010
49. Cats Think Clouds Are Marshmallows 2/3/2012
50. Cherish Me Like A Dream, Sweet Cherub 3/9/2012
51. Chicken Sammich 4/13/2010
52. Children's Poems By John W Mcewers: Da Gibbawaba Gita 7/21/2014
53. Children's Poems By John W Mcewers: Demons Of Nashville 3/1/2014
54. Children's Poems By John W. Mcewers: Billy Butterbean 4/24/2013
55. Cobalt Roaches 2/1/2012
56. Codename: Your Hero -new- 8/29/2015
57. Cold Dogs In My Ears 4/12/2010
58. Coldcase 4/14/2010
59. Comments From A Lover Forsaken -new- 8/29/2015
60. Condolences 4/12/2010
61. Creepy Gnome Behind A Rake 2/3/2012
62. Daggit! 3/10/2012
63. Death With Emerald Eyes 4/16/2010
64. Dew Drops On Frisky Mountain 3/3/2013
65. Disappointment 4/16/2010
66. Dishwasher Not Safe 2/4/2012
67. Do The Junky Jiggle! 3/10/2013
68. Doctor Cold Hands Keeps Putting His Fingers In My Mouth 2/3/2012
69. Don'T Worry, Mr. Bumblebee! 4/13/2010
70. Doobie-Do-Wah-Ah-Ah 2/3/2012
71. Dreamscapes Of A John Unforeseen -new- 8/29/2015
72. Earth, Wind, And Fire Down Below -new- 8/31/2015
73. Eating Canned Soup On A Saturday 2/3/2012
74. Electric Love Light Switch 3/16/2013
75. Endless Buffet Of Love 3/2/2012
76. Everyone Needs A Security System -new- 8/29/2015
77. Exit Only 2/4/2012
78. Experiment In Autowrite: Five 4/13/2010
79. Experiment In Autowrite: Four 4/13/2010
80. Experiment In Autowrite: One 4/13/2010
Best Poem of John W. McEwers


Mammals lay no eggs outside of their bodies because they lay them inside of their bodies.
Marsupials carry babies around in sacks like babies are groceries from the corner carry-out.
Fish passively lay eggs in giant areas so that just about anything that wants to can attempt to germinate.
Birds make nests.
Where does John fit in?

Snakes leave their skin on the ground because they are comfortable without it.
Trees leave leafs to die around them to fertilize.
Sheep need their wool to be taken from them or else they'll get too hot.
Sharks have too many teeth to ...

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Love Poem

Love is stinking bug that squishes in your sock when you didn’t know it was in there but you had the suspicion cause you left your socks outside the tent when you went camping somewhere pretty one night last week and you didn’t put them back on cause you brought your sandals but now you put them on after not washing them and that stinking bug was i

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