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Jonathan ROBIN Poems

1. *intelligent Design* 11/15/2006
2. *rubaiyat Of Invention And Innovation - After Edward Fitzgerald - Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam* 12/26/2006
3. *stranger In Strange Crowd* 12/16/2006
4. ... And Lethewards Have Sunk 2/11/2007
5. ? Litotes ? 10/23/2006
6. [h]our Glass After Richard Seymour - The Hour Glass 8/28/2009
7. [l]ink Weavers 8/24/2013
8. 101 Of Room 202 1/24/2012
9. A Beam Of Light 10/22/2006
10. A Cross T[r]ick - Acrostic 10/23/2006
11. A Cross Trick Act 8/20/2013
12. A Dog's Life 3/10/2012
13. A Fire-Sided T.V. Chat By A Farsighted G E Chap 1/12/2012
14. A Heart To Cherish 11/10/2006
15. A Kiss, The Reply - Parody Austin Dobson A Kiss 10/29/2006
16. A L’assistante De L’indirection After Rudyard Kipling If 7/9/2013
17. A La Madeleine Decrypted Poems 7/20/2013
18. A Letter Of Advice On A Blockhead After William M Praed A Letter Of Advice 7/20/2013
19. A Letter To Ap After William Mackworth Praed A Letter Of Advice 8/26/2013
20. A L'Illustration - French And English Acrostic Translation 9/6/2013
21. A Little Enation Alliteration 2/22/2012
22. A Logical Song, A Reply - Parody 11/14/2006
23. A Lover's Answer, A Taxed Refrain After Madeleine Bridges 1/24/2012
24. A Major Reshuffle 1/12/2012
25. A Matter Of Perspective 1/30/2012
26. A Ping Spike After Spike Milligan A Thousand Hairy Savages 2/9/2012
27. A Plan For All Seasons-Parody Vicar Of Bray Applied To France 4/7/2007
28. A Poem Is A Pearl 1/3/2012
29. A Poem Is A Pearl Ii 5/11/2012
30. A Poem Should Not Mean But Be After Archibald Macleish Ars Poetica 8/27/2013
31. A Poor Young Shepherd After Paul Verlaine Poèmes Saturniens 9/13/2013
32. A Prayer 2/20/2012
33. A Propos Pou After John Wolcot The Lousiad Canto I 8/27/2013
34. A Question Mark Seldom Sums Sweet Scented Rose 2/17/2012
35. A Rant, Arrant Arrogant Words' Worth Jack Out Of Contest Box Know Form Verses Versus No Norm 8/30/2013
36. A Real Kind Lace Juno 1/30/2012
37. A Right To Decide 2/15/2007
38. A Rose Arose 12/7/2006
39. A Round Dell After Arthur Compton Rickett A Roundel 1915 9/10/2013
40. A Secret Sadness After William Collis Brookes For Helidor 10/21/2006
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My Familiar Dream - Translations Paul Verlaine – Mon Rêve Familier

I often have some strange and striking dreams
about an unknown girl, of love we share,
each time the same, each time a different air
about her swirls, who understands it seems.

She loves and understands me, from her beams
a crystal pure dismissing strife and care.
She, only, eases heart-ache and despair,
soothing pain with tears’ refreshing streams.

She’s blond, brunette, reflecting russet gleams?
I know not, nor her name and voice though fair
and sounding-soft if feels, far off I swear,
like loved ones Life has banished from its schemes.

A ...

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Hong Kong

Spinning criss cross patterns as they post across the harbour,
spray kissing, barely miss each other, business to the fore,
the junks and ferries seem such toys when seen from seventh floor
or stateroom on the seventeenth, but does it matter any more?

Does it matter, for the room is insulated from outside,
from heat and from humidity, from differences too wide
in wealth and wisdom where the West unwelcome is as bride,
though brides are taken for a time, who doweries provide.

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