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81. All Greek To Me 7/2/2015
82. All In A Hot And Copper Sky 10/12/2006
83. Alliterative Abilities Await Accolade 1/3/2012
84. Ally Online, All Lie Online, Ali Lion Line Dream Theme 9/28/2013
85. Aloha 7/22/2013
86. Alone 2/7/2012
87. Aloof 11/18/2006
88. Alpha Through Omega On Abecedarian Infinity 8/8/2013
89. Alphabet Artistry 6/16/2007
90. Alphabetical Haiku And Senry List 1975 2007 1/2/2012
91. Alphabetical Infinity 6/4/2013
92. Alphabetical Mirrored Phantom Quest For Infinity 4/1/2012
93. Always 7/22/2013
94. Am I? 8/8/2013
95. Amazing Grace 7/16/2007
96. Amazon Jungle After Alfred Tennyson The Brook 2/8/2012
97. Ambered Amnesia 11/16/2012
98. Ambiguity Arose - After Rose Aylmer Walter Savage Landor 12/21/2006
99. Ambivalence Shed Acrostic For Ambre Mannu Aged 8 7/7/2013
100. Amphora 1/27/2013
101. An Alliterative Amorous Answer 4/24/2008
102. An Answer 6/6/2013
103. An Authentically Aware Altruist Adorns Ap As Author Artist Always A-Musing And Anathema All Argument 5/13/2013
104. An Essay On Man After Alexander Pope An Essay On Man The Riddle Of The World 8/27/2013
105. An Image Springs To Mind 10/21/2006
106. An Oily Tale After Lewis Carroll The Walrus And The Carpenter 7/22/2013
107. An Open Gate: Speak ‘friend' And Enter! 8/26/2013
108. An Opportunity Lost 8/26/2013
109. An_Thology - Acrostic Sonnet 10/14/2006
110. Anaconda 12/7/2006
111. Analysis Of Analysts 7/22/2013
112. Anchorless And Engulfed 2/9/2012
113. And I... Et In Arcadia Ego Fui - Thesis And Antithesis 12/21/2006
114. And Still Soul Sings 8/28/2013
115. And Thereon Hangs De Tail 9/16/2009
116. And Yet You Sing 9/28/2013
117. Andrew And Manijeh Wolpert 7/22/2013
118. Androcles And The Lion 10/13/2006
119. Anna Karlenko 1/12/2013
120. Anorexia Emaciation 8/27/2013
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My Familiar Dream - Translations Paul Verlaine – Mon Rêve Familier

I often have some strange and striking dreams
about an unknown girl, of love we share,
each time the same, each time a different air
about her swirls, who understands it seems.

She loves and understands me, from her beams
a crystal pure dismissing strife and care.
She, only, eases heart-ache and despair,
soothing pain with tears’ refreshing streams.

She’s blond, brunette, reflecting russet gleams?
I know not, nor her name and voice though fair
and sounding-soft if feels, far off I swear,
like loved ones Life has banished from its schemes.

A ...

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Hong Kong

Spinning criss cross patterns as they post across the harbour,
spray kissing, barely miss each other, business to the fore,
the junks and ferries seem such toys when seen from seventh floor
or stateroom on the seventeenth, but does it matter any more?

Does it matter, for the room is insulated from outside,
from heat and from humidity, from differences too wide
in wealth and wisdom where the West unwelcome is as bride,
though brides are taken for a time, who doweries provide.

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