jordan Aardy

(The contry of Canada)

Poems of jordan Aardy

1. Curiosity Is My Mistress 3/18/2013
2. I Fight Dragons 3/18/2013
3. I Suck at Titles 6/6/2013
4. Kissed by Ignorance 3/19/2013
5. The Flawed Perfection of Humanity 3/19/2013
6. The Wind and I 10/20/2012
7. You Are 3/18/2013

You Are

you did not chose to traverse the labyrinth
you did not ask to exist
thrust upon you was the nectar of vitality, of exuberance, of life
you did not decide to wonder
you did not request the melancholy weight of consciousness
you did not agree to grapple the tribulations of actuality
yet here you stand, torn from oblivion
swathed in sensation and awareness
propelled through life by the passage of time

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