K.C. Ford

[K.C.Ford] (not dead yet / crowle)

Poems of K.C. Ford

1. A Wise Word 11/7/2013
2. Odd One Out 11/21/2013
3. Old Man 10/10/2013
4. Pharaoh's and Pyramids 10/27/2013
5. Poets Fashion 10/15/2013
6. Summer Love 10/7/2013
7. T.H 9/29/2013
8. The Rim 1/6/2014
9. There is no Time 10/4/2013
10. To This 3/28/2014

Old Man

The face is gnarled and full of wear,
The eyes are pools of gathered time,
as frail the body forward leans
extending arm and hand to task,
the feeble grip that lifts the cup
to lips that trembling sip
attempts to pause; to savour taste,
but fingers weak with weight
lower the burden of lifting.

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