Treasure Island

Kavya S Babu

[Kavya S Babu]

Poems of Kavya S Babu

1. At a distance... 6/1/2013
2. At the wits' end 5/26/2013
3. Down the lane, in the monsoon rain 6/7/2013
4. From the bud........ 5/21/2013
5. Nothing more to pen 8/11/2013
6. The dead eyes... 6/16/2013
7. The Exploration 8/22/2013
8. The Last Drop. 4/9/2014
9. The silence... 6/12/2013

The silence...

Silence, all about being
enjoying nature's murmur.
From the time the sun rises,
till when it hides out,
nature is full of noise.
But the ears are shut always
in the dark room of hectic life
You'll keep yourself silent, once
in the midst of all those clamor,

[Hata Bildir]