Kavya S Babu

[Kavya S Babu]

Poems of Kavya S Babu

1. At a distance... 6/1/2013
2. At the wits' end 5/26/2013
3. Down the lane, in the monsoon rain 6/7/2013
4. From the bud........ 5/21/2013
5. Nothing more to pen 8/11/2013
6. The dead eyes... 6/16/2013
7. The Exploration 8/22/2013
8. The Last Drop. 4/9/2014
9. The silence... 6/12/2013

From the bud........

I looked through the petal side
Saw a stream of bright light
Lashes of my eye blinked with delight
A splash of smile, my lips went wide
Yeah! I will get up tomorrow....

Dreams of my few day life
Filled me with great pleasure
But reminded me of the short time

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