Treasure Island

Lee Gelis

Poems of Lee Gelis

1. Don't Forget About Me 11/18/2013
2. Endeavor (Childhood) 6/9/2013
3. Happiness 3/14/2014
4. He sits alone 5/3/2013
5. History, Time, and Tango 3/30/2013
6. If All the World Were Lost 3/14/2014
7. Instructions For A Portrait 1/24/2014
8. I've Written This Before 3/28/2013
9. L'appel du Vide 3/27/2013
10. Life is Like a Game of Trivial Pursuit 3/28/2013
11. Middle School Soup 9/7/2013
12. Mostly 4/30/2013
13. My Hands Are Not Red 3/27/2013
14. Oh Yes, Bukowski 10/22/2013
15. Paradox Plug In 3/28/2013
16. Red Rum Runs Red 1/16/2014
17. Silently Watching 5/1/2013
18. Slide 3/28/2013
19. Tell Me About It 3/28/2013
20. The People, Just People 3/27/2013

The People, Just People

Do not worry, little human, for the storm shall soon pass
Among the storm clouds, battling amongst each other;
Their anger and sweat our cause of misery;
Our sense of impotence, and despair.
But soon their time shall pass, as they have wasted away their breath
Shouting over each other, clashing against their nature.
And us, sweet us, we shall see the sun again.
All our miseries to be exposed and when we see them
They are missing, a fear of empty words.

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