Lisa Chicharello

Lisa Chicharello Poems

1. I’m All Alone 11/24/2011
2. I’m The Girl 11/24/2011
3. Loveness 11/23/2011
4. I'll Be Waiting For You.. Whoever You Are.. 11/24/2011
5. The Lonely Souls 11/24/2011
6. Paramore-Ignorance (Lyrics) 11/24/2011
7. Before It's Too Late 11/24/2011
8. Loneliness 11/23/2011
9. Friends 11/23/2011
10. Thousand Foot Krutch- Step To Me 11/24/2011
11. Why..? Just Why...? 11/24/2011
12. How Could It Happened? 11/24/2011
13. Never Too Late-Three Day Grace 11/24/2011
14. Your Not Always There 11/24/2011

I’m The Girl

I’m the girl, who hides behind a smile everyday.
I’m the girl, who has a tough exterior.
But that’s not who I really am.
I’m the girl, who has a lot of problems,

But doesn’t share one thing.

I’m the girl, who keeps everything bottled up.
Sometimes I just need someone to talk to.

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