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(12/11/92 / meriden, ct)

Poems of luisa sanchez

1. 2099 8/4/2009
2. addiction 2/27/2010
3. forgotten 8/14/2009
4. hate loves me but love does not exist 7/24/2009
5. have you ever? 8/7/2009
6. Hey world this is what you have to know 7/24/2009
7. I died but came back...... 8/4/2009
8. I guess I'm not invisible 8/2/2009
9. I made a story about that guy..... 8/4/2009
10. I met a flower 12/13/2011
11. I spy a pen that writes the world 8/2/2009
12. is it just me 8/7/2009
13. Listen.....d[-_-]b 7/29/2009
14. Me...... I'm all women 8/13/2009
15. my world of evil and pain...... 8/19/2009
16. oh baby...will u just be mine 8/2/2009
17. Poor <3.....luv 7/26/2009
18. sky haiku 8/13/2009
19. Th! s l! f3 c0uld hav3 b33n b3++3r 8/5/2009
20. To be or don't be at all 8/6/2009


Is it true, lifes going to end
What a damn year I had
It sucks
Its to early
I want to make it, will I make it.....I hope so
I want to be a speacial child
Yes I want to be, so let me be, please.....
I will not commit sin, for I have learned, the lessons beneath me....this soul completes me.
Only you can finish me...and then u leave...........without me.............without peace........psycho

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