Mark Heathcote

Gold Star - 10,291 Points [none] (22/03/66 / Manchester)

Mark Heathcote Poems

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362. Every Day Is Like A Sour Blessing 3/28/2014
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366. Every Second An Eternity Prolongs 9/16/2015
367. Every Valley Shall Be Exalted 9/11/2014
368. Expenditures On Loan Never Paid 5/17/2015
369. Faced With Fears Of A Wide Blank Canvass 1/30/2015
370. Fagan Or Scrooge 6/16/2012
371. Faith 11/25/2012
372. Faith And Fate 9/7/2014
373. Faith Is A Blooded Shield Battered And Scared 1/15/2015
374. Faith Is A Garland Of Flowers 11/4/2014
375. Faith Is A Rocky Path 1/21/2014
376. Faiths A Raft On An Voyage 9/22/2014
377. Faiths Gate Opens On A Garden Of Peace 9/18/2014
378. Farewell Goodbye My Darling... 6/2/2013
379. Feel A Kiss That Waxes As It Sings Its Song 12/30/2014
380. Fewer Nicks' No, Grey Upholstery 9/21/2012
381. Fine Silk Spun With Gold 7/17/2013
382. Finger On The Pulse 11/25/2012
383. Fire Sale 4/12/2014
384. Fire This Here Cupid’s Golden Bow 2/15/2014
385. Fire Triangle 12/11/2013
386. Fledgling Bird At My Door 3/26/2015
387. Fledglings Gone 8/5/2014
388. Flies Flourish In Starving Eyes 5/23/2013
389. Flightless Angels Shall Fervently Stare 2/3/2012
390. Fly, Leave These Hemispheres 9/28/2015
391. Follow In The Swings Of A Poplar Tree 4/12/2014
392. Follow My Coat Tails 2/16/2012
393. For A Few Precious Moments 1/14/2014
394. For A Short Time—only? ! 2/16/2012
395. For A Straggling, Stalk Of Green Corn 5/19/2013
396. For As Molten Metal Bound Are We Not In The Magma 2/16/2012
397. For Every Corpse There Is A Vulture 9/16/2015
398. For Every Day We Swim Across A River 12/9/2014
399. For Every Love That’s Born There Is A Cry 11/11/2013
400. For Like A Flower Devises 8/12/2012
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

River Street Urchins

River street urchins,
The gutters are swelling.
[Waiting…] for the sky—you and I
To reach—the storm drains of joy.
Before we go…
Before we let, go.
We too will rain…

River street urchins,
Before we go…
Before we let, go.
We too will rain…
River street urchins…

Paupers oh, so giving, don't you know.
We'll queue in the streets
And pray to be free!
Till we go…
Before we let, go.
We too will rain…
On every official bank holiday parade:

Till we're free, till we're free
Till we're free, till we're free
Till we're ...

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Pellucid blue-eyes, whoever told you to-be-wise
whoever told you; you could dream, beyond the
Moon-lit, monolithic, midnight-skies.
Drink the midnight curtain of sleep
into the waking hours…
Where dreams can sublimely creep
Around; like a carnivorous green-flower
like a sun-spider sunning on a rock
like a worm in the pippin of an eye

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