Mark Heathcote

Gold Star - 16,406 Points [none] (22/03/66 / Manchester)

Mark Heathcote Poems

361. Did A Tear Make This Ocean? 5/9/2013
362. Did It Prevent Your Sun Kissed Dreams? 7/30/2012
363. Did The Ground Fall From Your Wings 11/2/2013
364. Did You Dig A Ship Canal With Frankenstein's Tools? 1/3/2015
365. Different Flight Paths 3/31/2016
366. Digging In His Vault Of Loam 11/25/2012
367. Dim The Light 4/13/2014
368. Dirty Unicorn 1/7/2016
369. Disappointment 7/10/2013
370. Disappointment… 10/31/2012
371. Discrimination 5/8/2014
372. Disordered Attachment 12/14/2013
373. Divergent Rivers 8/21/2011
374. Divination 9/10/2012
375. Divinity Of Sorts 4/12/2016
376. Divisions Of Vanity 2/16/2012
377. Do Any Of Them Have A Different Benefactor? 11/19/2015
378. Do I Just Follow And Pretend… 12/1/2013
379. Do I Warrant Any Faith In My Wings? 9/12/2015
380. Do The British Take Their Brollies? 2/16/2012
381. Do You Love Me As You Say? 4/13/2014
382. Do You Recall Charcoal Rubbings? 11/18/2015
383. Do You Remember All Your Histories? 1/3/2015
384. Do You Remember Walking Retiring On Sleeping Feet? 4/4/2016
385. Dodging Bullets With A Buddha Lost In Lagos 6/5/2013
386. Does A Rose Not Have Thorns…? 11/26/2015
387. Does Love Exist? 3/8/2015
388. Does The Hummingbird Know Best? 7/29/2013
389. Dogs A Barking 6/8/2015
390. Domestic Goddess 8/1/2014
391. Don’t Ask Me For 10 Out 10 5/27/2015
392. Don’t Be Condescending 8/23/2015
393. Don’t Leave Me For Another 1/7/2014
394. Don’t You Find People Hate Change? 6/7/2015
395. Don'T Leave Me Cozied-Up Homely 12/28/2014
396. Don't Postpone Any Thoughts Of Our Love 2/16/2016
397. Don'T Worry It's All Been Planned 2/28/2012
398. Don'T You Have Me Bound For Tír Na Nóg Niamh? 1/20/2015
399. Doppelgangers 9/23/2015
400. Dot To Dot 11/19/2012
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

River Street Urchins

River street urchins
The gutters are swelling
[Waiting] for the sky—you, I
To reach—the storm drains of joy.
Before we go
Before we let go.
We too will rain

River street urchins
Before we go
Before we let go.
We too will rain
River street urchins

Paupers oh, so giving, don't you know.
We'll queue in the streets
And pray to be free
Till we go
Before we let go.
We too will rain
On every official bank holiday parade:

Till we're free till we're free
Till we're free till we're free
Till we're free to go
We'll never ...

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The Garden

The garden is a living cell
A Monet' of colour
and still reflection!

Its life is onwards moving…
But still like the sun
forever in dusk or dawn:

A theatre of hearts

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