Michelle Kafka

(Manitoba, Canada)

Poems of Michelle Kafka

1. Comfort In Blue 9/4/2009
2. Friendship's Meaning 9/14/2009
3. He Sleeps In Numbers 6/24/2010
4. Red rain 8/15/2009
5. Seashell Lost 7/30/2009
6. Sky's Beauty 7/30/2009
7. Southern Sand 1/12/2010
8. White 7/30/2009

Seashell Lost

Under the low sinking sun, pink sky with dabs of blue, a shell of great value to me.
Mysterious, affluent, and more expressed than the shell beside.
Purple and gold in colour it’s rather rare.
I blink my eye and in a mere moment ’tis gone.
I lost it to a seagull that accidentally thought it was food.
I’m in erratic despair!

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