Treasure Island

Nicholas Wayde Turner

Poems of Nicholas Wayde Turner

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16. Double Infinity 5/2/2013
17. Drama Drama 5/2/2013
18. Drop It! 10/12/2013
19. Faking A Smile 5/21/2013
20. Fear Running Through His Veins 11/3/2013

Double Infinity

You and I have had our share of ups and downs
The Loop de loops of worry and doubt never stop when we’re apart
But when our paths cross I see nothing but love in your heart
I lay in bed thinking “how long is his love going to last”
And before I know it you’re whispering “Double infinity my love, double infinity”
That’s when it occurs to me our love is water proof
The waves of life can’t knock us down because our love is stronger than strong
So I say this to you
I love you with all my he

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