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Poems of ole kuyioni josphat

2. Dear Mama 7/20/2012
3. do you still call me brother? ? 6/19/2012
4. Kingdom Of Happiness 11/4/2013
5. Memories Are Butterflies 8/20/2013
6. mother 6/18/2012
7. Mother's love, 6/6/2013
8. My Native Village 3/4/2014
9. The One I Want 5/30/2014

Memories Are Butterflies

Nine Months ago,
I stumbled into you
thinking it is the beginning of happiness
So vivid are the memories
the scent of the perfume, the one you had the first time I saw you
The innocence behind your eyes, ,
the ivory between your lips, so properly arranged
the hue of your skin, not so dark not so light
I held my breath for that feeling to last a little longer…

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