Patrick William Kavanagh

Rookie - 28 Points (26/02/1957 / Dublin)

Patrick William Kavanagh Poems

1. The Wolf 6/8/2013
2. The Goddess Calls 6/8/2013
3. The Springtime Of The Soul. 6/10/2013
4. Counting Up And Counting Out 6/10/2013
5. Whispers From A Distant Shore 6/10/2013
6. Eyes That Will Not See 6/10/2013
7. Seeking Peace In A Garden Of Roses 6/10/2013
8. Soft Rain In A Summer Garden 6/10/2013
9. Change In A World Of Restrictions 6/10/2013
10. The Sleeping Shepherdess 6/9/2013
11. I Am Ready To Leave 6/8/2013
12. Limitless Love 6/10/2013
13. Wishing 6/10/2013
14. A Single Long-Stemmed Rose 6/10/2013
15. Why Are You So Still 6/10/2013
16. The Ace Of Cups 6/10/2013
17. A Rose In Sunlight 6/12/2013
18. Beltane Night 6/14/2013
19. The Lady With The Amber Eyes. 6/26/2013
20. Meaning 6/26/2013
21. The King Of The Faeries 6/26/2013
22. The Wild Rose And The Rock 6/27/2013
23. Brigid 6/27/2013
24. Swansong 7/3/2013
25. The Dying Cleric 7/15/2013
26. The Faery Fort 7/5/2013
27. ? The Dark Night Of The Soul 7/2/2013
28. The Faery Queen 7/1/2013
29. Alfie 6/14/2013
30. All Hallows Eve 6/14/2013
31. Ashes In The Wind 6/14/2013
32. Beloved 6/14/2013
33. The Faery Grove 6/18/2013
34. Fathers Day 6/16/2013
35. A Mothers Voice 6/13/2013
36. The Circle Of Love 6/9/2013
37. The Mysterious Disappearance Of An Imaginary Friend 6/8/2013
38. The Blacksmith 6/8/2013
39. I Remember Me 6/7/2013
40. Whispers In The Early Morning Hours 6/13/2013
Best Poem of Patrick William Kavanagh

A Close Encounter

Sitting at the bus stop all alone, acting busy, toying with my mobile phone,
No mail, no texts, just playing games, and just pretending I don't feel alone.
A smile from you would mean so much, - but I can't catch your eye,
I think you're lonely just like me, - I smile at you, but you can't see.
The lonely moments ticking by, I see my chance is slipping by,
I realise that you will never look my way,
And fear's the reason why.

My smile dies in the frozen wastes between our hearts,
A friendship that will never be, A love that could have grown from such a simple ...

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The Wolf

He stands there now, a distant figure,
grey fur blending with the evening gloom.
I stand here by my cabin window, just as still as he,
and wonder if he sees me too, despite the darkness of the room.

The moon rises large and bright, and in the play of silver light
I see that he is not alone, and catch my breath in fright.
Shadows flicker silver grey then fade, make me even more afraid,
As I hear the steps of padded feet, I suck in air between my gritted teeth.

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