Patrick William Kavanagh

Rookie - 97 Points (26/02/1957 / Dublin)

Patrick William Kavanagh Poems

1. The Wolf 6/8/2013
2. The Goddess Calls 6/8/2013
3. The Springtime Of The Soul. 6/10/2013
4. Counting Up And Counting Out 6/10/2013
5. Whispers From A Distant Shore 6/10/2013
6. Eyes That Will Not See 6/10/2013
7. Seeking Peace In A Garden Of Roses 6/10/2013
8. Soft Rain In A Summer Garden 6/10/2013
9. Change In A World Of Restrictions 6/10/2013
10. The Sleeping Shepherdess 6/9/2013
11. I Am Ready To Leave 6/8/2013
12. Limitless Love 6/10/2013
13. Wishing 6/10/2013
14. A Single Long-Stemmed Rose 6/10/2013
15. Why Are You So Still 6/10/2013
16. The Ace Of Cups 6/10/2013
17. A Rose In Sunlight 6/12/2013
18. Beltane Night 6/14/2013
19. The Lady With The Amber Eyes. 6/26/2013
20. Meaning 6/26/2013
21. The King Of The Faeries 6/26/2013
22. The Wild Rose And The Rock 6/27/2013
23. Brigid 6/27/2013
24. Swansong 7/3/2013
25. The Dying Cleric 7/15/2013
26. The Faery Fort 7/5/2013
27. ? The Dark Night Of The Soul 7/2/2013
28. The Faery Queen 7/1/2013
29. The Faery Grove 6/18/2013
30. Fathers Day 6/16/2013
31. A Mothers Voice 6/13/2013
32. The Circle Of Love 6/9/2013
33. The Mysterious Disappearance Of An Imaginary Friend 6/8/2013
34. The Blacksmith 6/8/2013
35. I Remember Me 6/7/2013
36. Spirits In The Mist. 7/29/2016
37. Serenity Flows 7/29/2016
38. Cool Greens. 7/29/2016
39. Alfie 6/14/2013
40. All Hallows Eve 6/14/2013
Best Poem of Patrick William Kavanagh

A Close Encounter

Sitting at the bus stop all alone, acting busy, toying with my mobile phone,
No mail, no texts, just playing games, and just pretending I don't feel alone.
A smile from you would mean so much, - but I can't catch your eye,
I think you're lonely just like me, - I smile at you, but you can't see.
The lonely moments ticking by, I see my chance is slipping by,
I realise that you will never look my way,
And fear's the reason why.

My smile dies in the frozen wastes between our hearts,
A friendship that will never be, A love that could have grown from such a simple ...

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I Am Ready To Leave

I am ready to leave, for the fear has past, and there is nothing left to prove,
I am ready to leave, the time has long already past, for all that binds me here.
I am ready to leave, the knots that held me have all frayed, they lie in tattered shreds about my feet.
I am ready to leave, the nails that pinned me to this tree,
have long since rusted back to dust,
And I am free.

My burdens cease to bother me, their weight has stripped my nerves of pain,
My burdens soon will find another

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