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Alankar(Decor) -194 - Poem by Indira Renganathan


Haiku is:
syllabic (17 syllables or less)
an imagist poem (draws the emotion from the image) . Concrete images are described. The subject is what focuses the haiku..
written in the moment. The past can be referred to as long as it doesn't overpower the present.
one of two forms 'traditional' or 'modern'
traditional requires a season be named and images and emotions be drawn from of nature.
modern can be images of relationship, personality, experience, etc
often a tristich, commonly written in 3 lines. The common break down of syllables:
L1 5 syllables describes image (traditional name season)
L2 7 syllables, adds conflicting image or expands first image
L3 5 syllables provide insight (the ah ha! moment) through a juxtaposed image

1 Tree Top

'Im green ' says the leaf
Oh, I'm red says the flower
'I'm both'- the parrot

2 Sky Unfurls

'You're blue' says the sky
'Also green' says the ocean
'Me both' says peacock

3 Naughty Star And Aunty Earth

Naughty star winkling
Aunty earth gaping blinking
Beating soon the sun

4 Chicrowkoo(Haiku Series)

Crow hatched cuckoo's eggs
By mistake though cuckoo chick
Cooed the crow her mom

Moved crow thought a while
Got her crow chick wedded fine
To sweet cuckoo chick

And cuckoo bird birthed
Jumbling their names Crow-koo named
Their babe 'Chicrowkoo'

Topic(s) of this poem: haiku

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