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'' An Honest Politician ''

We've all heard of Myths and Legends,
I've searched for them all my life,
The Loch Ness monster and the Holy Grail,
I even have Jim Bowies knife.

I've travelled all around the world,
Taking risks and drastic measures,
To ensure I learn all the facts,
About these fantastic treasures.

Yes Atlantis really does exist,
It is deep beneath the sea,
Exactly where I can't divulge,
That secret must stay with me.

The Chupacabra in the wild,
I can tell you, yes it's there,
The location I will not proclaim,
Only I know exactly where.

I've located the elusive Bigfoot,
They are all alive and well,
Thriving in the forests,
Exactly where I refuse to tell.

I found the Ark of the Covenant,
It's beauty is unsurpassed,
Where, I'm afraid that's a secret,
Like all the other treasures I've amassed.

They're there if you look closely,
The world is littered with signs,
I've even found the entrance to,
The great King Solomon's Mines.

Aliens really do exist,
I've met them in the flesh,
If you blink they will be missed,
Then you'll need to start afresh.

I've dedicated my entire existence,
To tracing if these myths are there,
Now due to my persistence,
It's my duty to make you aware.

They're elusive yet they're in our face,
They torment us every day,
They're like creatures from a distant race,
All they do is cause us affray.

They're tribal in their dealings,
They love to send others to war,
In reality they don't have feelings,
Our input they abhor.

When they meet up as a group,
They don't live by our rules,
You'd not believe how low they'll stoop,
They treat us all as bloody fools.

While they make our lives tougher,
They live a life of bliss,
As things for us gets rougher,
For them nothing goes amiss.

They are selfish and they're so obtuse,
Their arrogance abounds,
As for their ignorance there's no excuse,
Their incompetence astounds.

They steal from under our noses,
If you complain you'll be attacked
The question this then poses,
Is why don't they all get sacked,

They wreck the lives of billions,
To real life they have no ties,
Living life in a fantasy world,
Their expoits we all despise.

Who is this mythical creature,
That nobody's ever found,
As a scholar and an academic,
My research is totally sound.

In our history both past and present,
I must tell you this forthwith,
They're as elusive as a ten ton Pheasant,
Now that's fact it's not a myth.

They're in every corner of the globe,
They never show any contrition,
Who is this legend of my probe,

‘' An Honest Politician ‘'

Submitted: Tuesday, September 04, 2012
Edited: Tuesday, September 04, 2012

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