sudhanshu shekhar

Candle Light And Moon - Poem by sudhanshu shekhar

I saw her but was in dim,
I like her but like the scene,
That was my first hunt,
Of beautiful queen,
When I will first meet with the prince,
Then what I will say to the prince,
Tell me queen? Tell me queen?
Don't worry my owl servant,
Take this kind candle,
This will glow in moon light,
A road unseen,
Take you, there in wild forest,
You find there beautiful deer,
She will glow this candle with her holy horn,
Then you will meet with the prince.

Deer abolished with some magic,
Right there was a handsome wild prince,
He was tortured and was in trouble,
Accurately everyone was watching his \her face,
Oh! God! What happened to his brave kingdom in which once he ruled,
Nice, no silent, was a violent,
Candle light and moon.

Owl servant blazes the kind candle,
Opens the book of skin,
And then the story begins,
Once upon a time,
There was a kingdom,
In which everyone was happy,
Except the beautiful princess,
The name of the kingdom was Duper,
For the kind candle is glowing,
The moon is listening,
In the world of kind candle,
The light and the celebration begins,
It came a doctor tortoise,
With the spectacles on his nose,
Sung a song,
The guideline body,
Like the nightmare, a zebra, a cat
A sparrow, a frog, a fish, an elephant, an ant
And last but not least owl and the snake.
For it is the darkest hour,
Everyone was happy,
Sudden a change,
The Duper's flower land become ill,
Princess finds the shrill,
The evil returns,
Soon candle light and the moon.

Who played the trick?
In the kingdom of Duper,
Tell me otherwise I will turn you all into rat,
With this magic stick,
Hulalu nice enchanting,
Was a magical spell,
Are you a crazy listener?
That you have enchanted this in the glow of kind candle,
Oh! Tell me owls who was behind this,
Everyone feared,
And the return of evil Belly,
Belly o' Belly leave us Belly,
You are wrong,
Fear was inside everyone,
I was not!
I was not! (Belly was an evil fairy of Duper flower land)
Candle light and moon.

It was no power,
It was no hour,
Nor the flower smell,
Everyone was weeping,
Prince was the prisoner of Belly,
Everyone was worry,
What if evil Belly would convert prince into rat?
Sorry for enchanting, worry for enchanting,
Now candle light and the moon,

Knock; knock, the entry of bishop,
Don't worry princess we will attack on Belly,
Belly turn, Belly return,
What is the power of a Belly?
That she has taken the prince,
No we should not leave Belly,
Princess was misgivings,
But someone was leading,
Then there is attack on Belly,
With full confidence,
Princess attacked on Belly,
Belly defeated the war,
Now princess was happy with prince,
Ruled forever,
That's all the poem of candle light and moon.

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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