Alexander Coppedge

Rookie - 81 Points (June 25,1954 / Warrenton, North Carolina)

My Magic Stone - Poem by Alexander Coppedge

Friendly in a reach out to you in measures in helping aid for you in comforts, true companion acting at saddening times when you really need friendship: never had excuse of to do; or said they wouldn't come or stay.

Companion when you are suffering being torn in your mind and body hurting, a giver it is to you soothing you in given alleviation, easing felt woes and extreme discomforts being there with you: moments your heads seem splitting.

Friend concerned intent aim is to protect when you feel some displacement, protector serving to please what disrupts you in inner troubles, there with hoping for your relief in some restorations: it is given unto you in pill forms.

Warrior you come to accept and send into battle to fight your given challenges, days of not doing feelings and when you have running feverish colds and be fallen: a combative to counter your body assaults when you diagnose self sick.

Pill does not verbally talk as it is inside you working, does not chant words while it is performing tasks in its operating: truth of its set curing is not in pill's said wisdom, lectures speaking or sayings in schools.

Pill is part of a product production and is sold on the market to the populist, a tiny circular compacted feature all for a single price of having, here without concerns for future care by its use pending: priced for wanting hands.

Bringer of happiness and full joy or a momentarily pause from inflicting agony, as your friend works efforts within hopes in laughter regaining for you: escape attempts intended from your directed crossing complaints.

Victory at times a conqueror with end to down and out strife dragging, a sponge absorbing yours knits which are draining your energy, reaper burying your fatigued and weakness: as pill confronts hidden operational twinges.

Mystically directing efforts for a desired cure for you, behind close doors it was formed from substances pill is science created, cloaked is this pill in unknown mysteries not magic: pill is round and at times a white stone in its appearance.

A shield covering definitely over you trying to stop blows inflecting, pill is on guard for you bright shining, a slayer targeted to conquer your sickening ailments: fighter with vicious blows against your countless lames.

Doctor conducting services in a performing examination on you, combating hours your body badly hurts with throbbing filled with poking daggers: pill is like dentist attempting to resolve such times teethes ache from gum pain.

A nurse caring gestures of hope for you while they are in attempted efforts in acts of clean healing, a rescuer to aid you or a explorer wjthin strides when you are lost or searching: a preacher hopes within aimed efforts in restoring assured.

Your pal you welcomed and completely trust in, transformation is towards rendering services to disrupt suffering in you, dead while you hold it in your fingers becoming alive in your body: law given
ease choice to you for numbing.

Your adventures together to give flight to you under directing consultant's tour, hopes for you above and escape from sorrow's land sea ocean, waves of suffering which pounds you in downs: escaping your felt tormenting nightmares.

Fountain of Youth to you pill to you is replenishing, pill dissolving in its form departing one of its ways of working, pill healing within you for you to be regained to rejoicing: relaxation from battle conflicts against you providing a retreat from pain.

Sound endeavoring pill illustrates strength itself by combating factor pill many wins and a path to undisturbed sleep for you, aiding you when the world makes you worry: pill zone of climbing love free from stress and anguish.

Pill in its designed form is carefully assembled within given tested measures, composition is evaluated in its creation by scientists and defined within given intentions: bill in law to be totally by authority approved.

A pal given to you to be of assistance made of various items not living, pill selected ingredients are union as one powdered together: substances gathered were compressed and compounded elements to become singular.

Science mad creation accumulating dollars, Frankenstein monster in miniature size one can swallow, a terror to dwelling inflictions which are within you: a vessel taken with water for quenching raged flourishing fires you hold.

Your wonderful for you delighting and amazing with care for others having, magic stone of science which is 'alive', crusader within you acting and not ever taught, pill is endeared it is around the world: a creation without a brain.

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Topic(s) of this poem: human condition

Form: Prose Poem

Poet's Notes about The Poem

The world or fleshly man miracle cure Prior to that it was roots I know I'm a victim Boiled them and wrap them and place them on the chest Childhood You got to love it

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