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The End Of The World - Poem by AaI Harvey

The End Of The World.

I wanna preach to the masses, maybe on a hill in Galilea,
I want everyone on Earth, to forget about Kennedy.
Area fifty one is real, I saw it on the T.V.
I'm gonna prophecise a tragedy, now who's gonna believe me?

Our journey begins, at the time that it now is,
Not the fucking fifties, where ginger fools say 'G-Whizz.'
Or the sixties or seventies, with the hippies and police,
Or the crap disco weird bands,
with the keyboards of the eighties.
Were not about to party, like it's nineteen ninety nine,
This is the naughty decade and it's time to rhyme.

The year twenty thirty, is gonna be the place to be,
The emancipation of all victims and legalisation of weed,
The fiery balls from hell and a united vision of God,
The end of our world is nigh and were not gonna know.
Freedom for everyone, for the planet is gonna implode,
Praying won't do any good, they've already taken our souls.
This is your heaven, or this is your hell,
Your day of judgment has come, so go prepare yourself.

Go have a wash, grab a gun or a helmet,
All that you've got left, is twenty seconds of regret.
Wishing for this and wishing for that,
Even in your last dying seconds, your little time is a waste.
There's nothing left to do, here comes your version of death,
A fiery ball from hell, is all you have left.
Earthquakes running wild, the earth is simply caving in,
There must be a way to stop this? Come on brain think!

Twenty five years to go, until the end of the world,
Don't live for your future, the time left is nil.
The day of destruction, which must lead to transition,
The search of new planets and of more new inventions.
Your world will end and there will be a few survivors,
But I'm sorry my friend, that will be neither of us.

Send a man to space, is the only solution,
Be a united planet, on the eve of destruction,
The end of the world is nigh, it’s a new evolution,
So become an anarchist and ignore the constitution.

(C) 2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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