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Time To Turn Over A New Leaf

The Plant Kingdom isn't all sweetness and light.
Some plants digest animal life
And destroy buildings and spread diseases.
However, these Godmade creatures
Have their place in the Universe
And deserve to be protected.
That's why trees are continually planted
To replace the ones we use.
Plant a Tree is part of our culture.
It isn't some politically correct philosophy,
It's an essential revitalisation of Nature.
We breathe out carbon dioxide
Which the plants absorb and exhale oxygen.
We act in symbiosis.

We exist by the Grace of God,
The Creator of all things.
Plants can't create us with our fantastic thoughts
And developments as we ourselves
Live and die and are replaced by our offspring.
Plants remain at their peak
As if no further developments are required.
I do not see any plant as superior to me.
I never will. Even when buried,
I await a resurrection promise to be fulfilled.
I will live again. I will walk upon the land once more.
This promise is not extended to plants
That they will live forever.

I see plants as living creatures full of wonder.
A humble microscope reveals
The tiny algae and their secrets.
The flowers are tended by Man,
Cultivated, nurtured like babes in the wood,
Fertilised orchids treated as preciously as diamonds.
Even the amateur gardener admires
The perfumed garden outside his home
And reflects upon his neighbours' gardens, too,
With a sense of community pride.

God Himself set Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
A Paradise on Earth, without blemish,
Without a briar or a thorn in sight.
It was Man and Woman who succumbed to temptation
And we abide now upon a fallen world.
We owe the plants no apology, no response at all.
We need not talk to the trees or the lilies of the field.
We need to make our peace with our Patriarch,
Our Heavenly Father. We need the Saviour.

We need to turn over a new leaf.
We need to drink the rivers of Heaven.
We need the outpouring of Cosmic sunshine, Celestial love.
Only then, can we have eternal souls and spirits
That blossom like the rose...
As it is written in the NEW TE-STAMEN-T...

Submitted: Friday, February 27, 2009
Edited: Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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