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  • 1.
    My Father Is A Retired Magician

    (for ifa, p.t., & bisa)

    my father is a retired magician
    which accounts for my irregular behavior
    everythin comes outta magic hats
    or bottles wit no bottoms & parakeets
    are as easy to get as a couple a rabbits
    or 3 fifty cent pieces/ 1958

    my daddy retired from magic & took
    up another trade cuz this friend of mine
    from the 3rd grade asked to be made white
    on the spot

    what cd any self-respectin colored american magician
    do wit such a outlandish request/ cept
    put all them razzamatazz hocus pocus zippity-do-dah
    thingamajigs away cuz
    colored chirren believin in magic
    waz becomin politically dangerous for the race
    & waznt nobody gonna be made white
    on the spot just
    from a clap of my daddy's hands

    & the reason i'm so peculiar's
    cuz i been studyin up on my daddy's technique
    & everythin i do is magic these days
    & it's very colored
    very now you see it/ now you
    dont mess wit me
    i come from a family of retired
    sorcerers/ active houngans & pennyante fortune tellers
    wit 41 million spirits critturs & celestial bodies
    on our side
    i'll listen to yr problems
    help wit yr career yr lover yr wanderin spouse
    make yr grandma's stay in heaven more gratifyin
    ease yr mother thru menopause & show yr son
    how to clean his room

    YES YES YES 3 wishes is all you get
    scarlet ribbons for yr hair
    benwa balls via hong kong
    a miniature of machu picchu

    all things are possible
    but aint no colored magician in her right mind
    gonna make you white
    i mean
    this is blk magic
    you lookin at
    & i'm fixin you up good/ fixin you up good n colored
    & you gonna be colored all yr life
    & you gonna love it/ bein colored/ all yr life/ colored & love it
    love it/ bein colored/
    Spell #7 from Upnorth-Outwest Geechee Jibara Quik Magic Trance Manual for Technologically Stressed Third World People read more »

  • 2.
    Autumn Dreams

    Grinning pumpkins, falling leaves,
    Dancing scarecrows, twirling breeze,
    Color, color everywhere,
    Autumn dreams are in the air! Autumn is a woman growing old, read more »

  • 3.
    * The color of love

    Love isn't red and tender
    But more beautiful than
    Roses seated in paradise
    It's lovelier than rainbows read more »

  • 4.
    font color='purple'Tonight, When I'm With You/font

    <font color='#FFFFFF'>
    ..........................................................<font color='blue'>Tonigh</font>...........<font color='#ff00ff'>tWhenIm</font>..............<font color='green'>To: </font>
    ......<font color='green'>BY: </font>........................................<font color='blue'>WithYou, All</font>.....<font color='#ff00ff'>IsCalm, AllIsB</font>..............<font color='green'>BLUE</font>
    .........<font color='green'>Lex_Potent</font>...................<font color='blue'>eautiful, AllRefle</font>..<font color='#ff00ff'>ctsTheBeautyIns</font> read more »

  • 5.

    Did you think before about the colors? ?
    they spread everywhere; in clothes & flowers.....

    Every color gives you a specific feeling read more »

  • 6.
    # # an inside out

    God waits for man....
    to show his true color
    man is green in envy
    man is red in anger read more »

  • 7.
    font color='#FF00FF''To My Friend April'/font

    <font color='#FFFFFF'>
    .....................<font color='#000000'>It'sSoAmus</font>.........<font color='#FF00FF'>'You Are My</font>
    ................<font color='#000000'>ingHowLittleThis</font>........<font color='#FF00FF'>8th World</font>
    .............<font color='#000000'>WorldIs, ThatTheWo</font>.......<font color='#FF00FF'>Wonder...'</font> read more »

  • 8.
    - Color Me Not -

    Why do you wish to be a chameleon
    And camouflaged with the rest
    You are beautiful just as you are
    And you do not need to blend read more »

  • 9.
    Let All Colors Wave

    Moon half yellow
    blue bulls bellow
    wolf there lurking in the red zone
    king of beasts all wearing purple read more »

  • 10.
    My Rainbow-1

    all my life I lived in grey and black, blue and red.
    black was depression
    gray was numbness
    blue was sadness read more »

  • 11.
    'Colors Seem To Fade'

    Colors seem to fade
    Into Black and white.
    They blend into shades of grey
    As they’re blended into the dark of night. read more »

  • 12.
    Temple Of Love

    In the temple of love,
    she hovered around impatient,
    frowned brows and pouted lips,
    white veil floating behind read more »

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