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  1. Crystal, April Humason
  2. Freestyle Fridays...Enjoy the dance...Th.., Kaila George
  3. Lovely Mother, Anubhav gupta
  4. Tomorrow, Gelatine Marimendi
  5. In my opinion, AaI Harvey
  6. Great? Britain, AaI Harvey
  7. Gorilla lyrics, jomhar torres
  8. Boom Boom, Walter C. Edwards
  9. One More Night, Bosu Kokak
  10. Stephen Hawking on an fickle TV, Marcel Aouizerate
  11. Backstreet Boys - 'Everybody (Backstreet.., Zen Dhosze
  12. Havana Girls, Floral Flower
  13. Kiss You - One Direction, Mizah Hosea
  14. One More Night - Maroon 5, Unk Nown
  15. Ameristralia: The 'MAIN' Man, Chris Leermakers
  16. Nightingale (lyrics), Rod Rattle
  17. Choices:, Chris Leermakers
  18. 1 Clue, Chris Leermakers
  19. Colours=Colors, Chris Leermakers
  20. SEEDS, Chris Leermakers
  21. The REAL ILL, Chris Leermakers
  22. JUSTBEONE, Chris Leermakers
  23. Work Fast/Fast Work, Chris Leermakers
  24. High O/R Low?, Chris Leermakers
  25. Go BeyonD, Chris Leermakers
  26. BLACK Shadow, Chris Leermakers
  27. Reasons, Chris Leermakers
  28. I am funny..., Jatin Tanwer
  29. I Have Come, angel plant
  30. Windows Down, Jojo JAC
  31. Oh Yeah, Jojo JAC
  32. Stronger and Faster Than U, killed killa
  33. gigati goo, Super Girl
  34. Let Me Open Up Our Love File (I Felt Mag.., Anuj Raj Singh
  35. 'Keep On Sailin..', Lisa Vagnarelli
  36. (Here Comes) The Pain, Rich Downes
  37. Januarys Song, Tanya Rose
  38. The First Date, Colin Coplin
  39. Stone Margarite's Crony, Mason Maestro
  40. acrostic poem on healthy, ramya iyer
  41. Beautiful, Koula Politis
  42. The Things That Make Me Happy, Tim David Cook
  43. Uncontrollable Shaking, Ace Of Black Hearts
  44. Listen, Josh Howell
  45. Older Music, Carolyn Brunelle
  46. What If God Is A Terrorist, Ramona Thompson
  47. Network for Boomer, Tailor Bell
  48. independent girl, Shalita Thornhill
  49. Yeah, Chandrashekar a posy poet
  50. Abort The Brat, Ramona Thompson
  51. Lesbian Girlfriend, Ramona Thompson
  52. You And Me, Jess Terry
  53. Shake 'Em Up, Ramona Thompson
  54. Bullet For My Valentine - All These Thin.., Loveless Poet (Kyle S.)
  55. crazy real friend, SOMY Brkat
  56. Swore's in Store, Adam Thoms
  57. Hey you, yeah you, Cora Lee
  58. NEMO!, William Miller
  59. blues, Daniel Cook
  60. Knowing....!, Rowving Smith
  61. Poetry, That's What I Write, Ramona Thompson
  62. T’was the Moments, Lewis Dowell, III
  63. Ghoulina (Lyrics), Satan's Sibling
  64. Muscle of love (Lyrics), Satan's Sibling
  65. Not a Poem a Tribute to Someone Recently.., steve ray
  66. want to be my girl(song), Theorem The Truth Serum
  67. No Damn Good, scott hunt
  68. Live Life to the Fullest, Jade chiKahn
  69. You Ugly, Sugar Bear
  70. They Call Me Misery, Bill Simmons
  71. Yeah! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !, patricia morrissette
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