rajagopal haran

Rookie (21.04.1962 / Tiruchirapalli-Tamilnadu-India)

rajagopal haran Poems

1. Revisiting The Theory Of Evolution Of Species 1/18/2008
2. Sun In Conflict With The Moon 11/29/2007
3. What Is It Called Mother? 11/2/2007
4. A Teacher Is Grieved 10/31/2007
5. Journey Of A Body 11/2/2007
6. 200.Revisiting The Theory Of Evolution Of Species Part Ii 4/10/2008
7. A Thing Called Fire 11/7/2007
8. Apoptosis Of A Human Being 4/5/2008
9. 172.A Bridge Too Far 5/31/2008
10. New World Order 1/1/2008
11. Bird In The Mid Sea 11/18/2007
12. 130.Invisible Intentions 8/17/2009
13. 129.Picking Myself Up 8/22/2009
14. 160.Haunting Suicides 10/4/2008
15. Withering Wings 11/1/2007
16. 193.Eudaimonia-The Ace Of Shades 4/13/2008
17. A Love Song In Praise Of Nature 3/9/2008
18. 178.Never Say Ever Again 5/9/2008
19. 175.To Mothers With Love 5/10/2008
20. Voyage Of A Bird 10/28/2007
21. Following The Foot Steps Of Casabianca 11/25/2007
22. Soliloquy Of A Woman 11/7/2007
23. Daily Love Story 11/6/2007
24. About Building Castles In The Air 11/24/2007
25. From A Husband With Love 12/30/2007
26. Dying An Everlasting Death 4/5/2008
27. 180.Evening Musings 5/4/2008
28. A Child Is Lost In The Odyssey 3/2/2008
29. 199.Around The World Along With You 4/11/2008
30. 198.Hour Of The Soul 4/11/2008
31. 161.Sermon Of My Being 10/2/2008
32. 128.Kumaragurupara Swamigal’s Sakalakalavalli Maalai-Introduction 8/23/2009
33. Hunger For Love 11/16/2007
34. 127.Kumaragurupara Swamigal’s Sakalakalavalli Maalai-Stanza 1 8/23/2009
35. 117.A Journey Unbound 8/25/2009
36. 145.Blazing Shadows Of Death 11/20/2008
37. 138.Heaven Next Door-Another Love Story 12/25/2008
38. 176.The Gift Of Miracles 5/10/2008
39. 166.Hang In There 8/30/2008
40. 158.Perpetual Uncertainty 10/17/2008
Best Poem of rajagopal haran

Revisiting The Theory Of Evolution Of Species

(The scientific world is coming up with theories with strong points to disprove Darwin’s Beautiful theory; I have also done my Research based on my observations; Ask for the forgiveness of Darwin!)

Inheritance in organisms occurs through discrete traits!

Strolling on the street during the wee hours
Saw a girl in skimpy dress
Was she a Descent with modifications?
Opened the scriptures to note the dress codes!
Adam and Eve had no dress:
Leave alone code and bode
Forbidden apple creating the bias
Longer leaves formed the dress
Evolved into lengthy robes...

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A Teacher Is Grieved

The final exams are in the offing
Mugging and bugging in full swing
Burning the midnight oil
Stumble to go to the next class


Youthful faces with awe in the look
Start the year with cheering sigh

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